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03-05-2020 Public Notices and Want Ads

PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF HEARING FOR NAME CHANGE STATE OF MICHIGAN Judicial Circuit- Family Division Van Buren County Case No. and Judge 20207003 NC PROBATE COURT 212 E. Paw Paw St., Suite 220 Paw Paw, MI 49079 269-657-8225 In the matter of Abel Cruz Reyna II TO ALL PERSONS, including: Jayme Burgess 62742 Red Arrow Hwy., Hartford, MI 49057 269-993-6486 whose address is unknown and whose interest in the matter may be barred or affected by the following: TAKE NOTICE: A hearing will be held on 04/02/2020 11:00 a.m. at PROBATE COURT 212 E. PAW PAW ST., SUITE 220, PAW PAW, MI 49079 Courtroom #3 before Judge David J. Distefano P35010 to change the name of Abel Cruz Reyna II to Joshua Tyler Milliken II (03-05-2020 TCR)

Bainbridge Township Public Notice BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP REGULAR & ANNUAL BOARD MEETING March 02, 2020 Synopsis Called to order @ 7:00 p.m. by Supervisor Bill Hodge Present: B. Hodge, P. Hiler-Molter, N. Weber, J. Yetzke, D. Baiers Absent: None Approved Feb. 10, 2020 Agenda Approved Consent Agenda, including Bills and Payroll $17,367.94 Approved 2020-2021 General Appropriations Act / Budget Received Public Safety and Departmental Reports Approved 2020-2021 Assessing Contract with Scott Anderson Approved 2019-2020 Budget Amendments Accepted 2020-2021 Kruggel Lawton CPA Services Approved Appointments of Art Scherer, Jeff Morlock, & Ken Pica to Board of Review Approved Appointment of John Mummaw to the Construction Board of Appeals Approved Appointment of Kurt Weber as an Alternate to the Board of Review Approved Local Road Projects in the amount of $57,900 Approved Purchase of Ordinance Badge for Enforcement Officer Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Patty Hiler-Molter Township Clerk (3-5-2020 TCR)

TOWNSHIP OF KEELER VAN BUREN COUNTY, MICHIGAN NOTICE OF OBLIGATION TO CUT WEEDS TO:The residents and property owners of the Township of Keeler, Van Buren County, Michigan and any other interested persons. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that in accordance with Michigan Public Act 359 of 1941, as amended, and Township Ordinance No. 12-06-2016 all weeds in excess of 15 inches in height within platted subdivisions, including vacant lots; on unplatted lands with a dwelling or other occupied building thereon; and on all parcels of land along improved streets in common usage, regardless of whether there is a dwelling located thereon; must be cut to a depth of 165 feet by May 1st of 2020 and must remain cut throughout the balance of said year by the owner or tenant in charge of the premises. In default thereof; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Township of Keeler may enter the premises and cut the same as frequently as necessary during 2020 to comply with the foregoing regulations and may charge the cost thereof against the property owner and for collection may place the amount upon the next tax roll of the Township as a tax lien against the offending premises. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that any owner in default of the foregoing obligation to cut shall also be subject to a civil fine of up to $500 for each violation. Such cutting obligation shall not apply to fields devoted to growing any small grain or vegetable crop. This notice is published in accordance with said Public Act and Ordinance by order of the Keeler Township Board. Keeler Township Carl Davis, Clerk 64418 Territorial Road Hartford, MI 49057-9613 269-621-6481 (2-27 & 3-5-19 TCR)


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