03-19-2020 Tri-City Record History Page

The Paw Paw River Journal

You’re not going to believe this! Today I’d like to discuss something you may not believe. In fact, it may stretch the borders of your thinking to the point of chaos. One of my favorite writers is Charles Krauthammer. Many believe his was one of the finest minds in our whole country. An attorney and an MD specializing in Psychiatry, he was known as a Conservative… but that is really beside the point. And the physical problems he endured for years only make his accomplishments seem greater. In one of his columns titled “E=mc2… gone in 60 nanoseconds,” he tells about the European scientists who have been quietly proving Einstein to be wrong. That famous scientist posed the theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Einstein said that as something approaches the speed of light, its mass increases, and time slows. This has been verified by many experiments. Wow! This means that astronauts who have been traveling so fast in space… when they return to earth they are a few seconds younger than the rest of us! Also after living in zero gravity, they are in pretty tough shape. So, according to Einstein, as velocity increases, the size of an object becomes infinitely large, and time slows to zero… making it impossible to exceed the speed of light… extremely difficult even to approach that speed. This held true until those scientists in Europe built a machine called a ‘super collider,’ a tube that stretches through the Alps Mountains. They sent infinitely small particles called ‘neutrinos’ through it so fast that they arrived before they left. Ha! Crazy, you say? Well, read up on it a little and find out. Imagine arriving somewhere before you left! Krauthammer even told a little joke about it: “We don’t allow faster-than-light neutrinos in here,” says the bartender. A neutrino walks into a bar. How did the European scientists know this new truth? Krauthammer says that to over simplify the whole thing… if the guys firing the neutrinos through the collider could see their destination… they would have seen and heard those same neutrinos clanging against the plate at their destination BEFORE THEY LEFT! What do you think about that? Now what are neutrinos? Charles says they are infinitely small ghostly particles. They travel everywhere… and we have thousands going through our body all the time. These guys experimenting with the collider in Europe are not charlatans or magicians. They are serious scientists. He says they are not crank inventors wheeling a perpetual motion machine into the patent office! They are respected scientists who are actually firing neutrinos through a long tube that has been tunneled under the Alps. And if their theories prove to be correct… it could upset all our laws of physics and change our world infinitely. At this point Albert Einstein is surely rolling over in his grave. His theory of relativity has been the basis of physics for a long time… and if it proves to be wrong, all of our other theories pertaining to it are wrong too. Astronomy and cosmology theories are built on the assumption that the speed of light is the limit! Overturning all of that brings new limitless ideas into play. And what about the social implications? Well, we have toyed with that idea before. Take Superman for instance… everyone I know has grown up with this guy… he goes about the business of saving mankind with remarkably calm confidence. And he does not age! But what about the people around him? Out in California Ronald Koertge writes novels and poems… and one bit of his poetry on this subject I cannot get out of my mind… the title is “Dear Superman,” It is from his book titled “Fever,” and was sent to me by friend Dick Hatch out there in the land of palm trees and bikinis. I quote from it with the author’s permission. It goes like this: “Dear Superman, I know you think that things will always be the same: I’ll rinse out your tights, kiss you good-bye at the window, and every few weeks get kidnapped by some stellar goons. But I’m not getting any younger, and you’re not getting any older. Pretty soon I’ll be too frail to take aloft, and with all those nick-of-time rescues, you’re bound to pick up somebody more tender and just as ga-ga as I used to be. I’d hate her for being 17 and you for being… what, 700? I can see your sweet face as you read this, and I know you’d like to siphon off some strength for me, even if it meant you could only leap small buildings at a single bound. But you can’t, and, anyway, would I want to just stand there while everything else rushed past? Take care of yourself and of the world which is your own true love. One day soon, as you patrol the curved earth, that’ll be me down there tucked in for good, being what you’ll never be but still. Your friend, Lois Lane” So what about the guys who go charging off into the universe with time/space travel… and the loved ones they leave behind? No one has mentioned social problems! We sort of don’t understand it at all… and if the experiments work out… Charles Krauthammer says we will need new physics, a new understanding of past and future… cause and effect! Why? Because you can’t have neutrinos being kicked out of taverns they have not yet entered!

Coloma Public Library offering limited services during temporary closure

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