10-15-2020 Tri-City Area History

The Paw Paw River Journal

February 6, 1985 The fast lane When we travel the Interstates, I usually ask truckers on the C.B. radio where the good restaurants are. They know them all, and sometimes will recommend a place because of the girls that work there. But I make it clear that I am interested in food. Marion and I were traveling down through Indiana on 31 and I had just passed an 18 wheeler… I called him on the radio and asked if he knew of any good restaurants south of us. He replied, “Yeah, there’s a 76 truck stop about 35 miles ahead. They’ve got a salad bar so big you can dive in it and do the back stroke.” I thanked him, and then he said, “Say, that’s a nice looking gal you’ve got there with you.” “Thanks,” I said. “She’s my better half, and she’s so sweet that when I order coffee, I don’t put any sugar in it. I just have her stir it with her finger.” He laughed, and said, “And I’ll bet I now who has all the money in your family.” This past November The Gold Dust Twins and I were traveling north on 1-75 in Georgia. We passed a huge rig, and then he passed us. Marion and Wilma both waved at him and Marion said, “He really looks like a nice guy – clean cut and he has a nice smile.” We started talking to him and I told him that my handle is Double D. He said his is the Country Gentleman. After we chattered back and forth for awhile, he said, “You know, Double D, you have about one too many girls in there.” I answered. “One is my better half; the other one is my sister.” He thought on that for awhile, and then came back, “I’ll bet sometimes they come at you from all directions. Why don’t you stop up here and let me buy you some coffee?” “I’d like to, Country Gentleman, but we have to be in Murfreesboro for dinner tonight with some friends. Otherwise we would – and our thanks too.” He was disappointed, but we really did have to get to Tennessee, where our friends were expecting us. I wish I could go back again, and he would buy us pie and coffee and we would enjoy it very much. Next time we get near Atlanta, I’m going to be listening for the Country Gentleman and ask him if the offer is still open. The next time you are out on the freeway, if you don’t want the professional drivers to swear at you, or worse, don’t putz along in the fast lane. They are probably very busy grabbing gears, so stay out of their way. They may be tired, behind schedule, and a few of them may even be all pilled up. They are mostly great guys, and they do what they do for a living. As one of them said to a lady friend of ours in Ann Arbor, “Next time you are walking along the street, and an 18 wheeler pulls his air horn and gives you a blast, don’t be indignant. Smile, wave back at him, and if you can, give it a little shake. He won’t stop the truck and get out and molest you. And you will make his day!”

Watervliet District Library News Hours of operation Watervliet District Library is open by appointment and for walk-ins Monday – Saturday, 10-2, with evening hours on Monday and Wednesday, 4-7. Curbside services continue, and are available during those times. Upcoming events Fandom Fest, the Southwest Michigan library collaboration that celebrates pop culture, is holding a virtual cosplay contest, Oct. 7 – 21. Contestants are invited to share an image of themselves along with contact details to the group’s email address, fanfestswmi.marketing @gmail.com, by the 21st. Photos will then be posted for online voting; the picture with the most “likes” will win a $100 gift card to Blick Art Materials. Check the library’s Facebook page or Fandom Fest SW Michigan, also on Facebook. WDL’s Packet Projects feature teens this week, (middle school & high school). Kits contain everything needed to make a moveable paper skull, and can be picked up any time during the library’s hours of operation. Check out the library’s Facebook page to view project examples. Supplies are limited; sign up to reserve a kit by contacting the library at 269-463-6382, info@wdlib.org or by message through Facebook. Kits can be picked up curbside, too. Packets for the following week will focus on Pinteresting projects for adults. “Story Time in a Bag” kits are ready for check-out. Each kit contains a book, craft and puppets or toys. Kits can be checked out for two weeks. Subject theme Book Bundles are also available, perfect for at-home learners or for kids interested in a particular subject. Book Bundles include info & work sheets, just for fun.

Coloma Public Library News Library Service Updates Coloma Public Library is open. Hours are Mon. – Fri., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday hours are 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. for curbside service only. For safety, masks and social distancing are required. Reach us at 269-468-3431, through Facebook Messenger, or readcoloma@gmail.com. Fall Craft Kits Fall craft kits are available for pick-up via curbside while supplies last. Kits are suitable for PreK as well as school-age children. Register to vote online Do you need to register to vote online? If you aren’t sure how, your friendly Coloma Library staff can help. Free online tutoring Tutor.com provides online tutoring, homework help, and test preparation for kindergarten through 12th grade, plus early college students, and adult learners. Any Coloma Public Library card holder can connect with an expert tutor in a safe and secure online classroom. Contact the library for more information. Little Free Carts The Little Free Carts are still outside for patrons who want to browse and select materials without coming into the building. On rainy days, the carts are in the lobby which remains open and unlocked during Library hours of operation. Materials are swapped out regularly. “Check out” what’s there and grab a freebie or two!

Memorial Service followed by Hartford comm. center dedication A Memorial Service for Bonna Vanderlyn of Hartford is being held on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020 beginning at 1:30 p.m. Bonna passed away on May 5, 2020. The service is being conducted at the Hartford United Methodist Church, 425 E. Main. Following the Memorial Service will be a Dedication & Ribbon Cutting for the Arthur and Bonna Vanderlyn Community Center / Hartford Public Library at 3 p.m. in the community rooms at 12 Church St., Hartford. Please R.S.V.P to hartfordlib@yahoo.com or (269) 621-3408.