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Karl's Kolumn

BONEHEAD DEPARTMENT PLEASE… I recently scheduled a CT scan, for 9:30, at Lakeland Community hospital. For those of us lucky to live in the Tri-Cities, it is a convenience to have a hospital nearby, Watervliet to be exact.

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Karl's Kolumn

ANNIVERSARY SPARKS MEMORIES… Open house is this Saturday at the North Berrien Historical Museum.

Karl's Kolumn

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS… With such a large family, upwards of 250 souls, it’s no surprise February has three close family members born that month. Granddaughter Karlianne’s birthday is Feb. 12, we celebrated

Karl's Kolumn

MR. BIG SHOT… My mom passed away August 26, 1996. I still think of her frequently. Sometimes it is triggered by other thoughts or events.

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