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The story usually starts out the same: “So this bird keeps hitting my window or car mirror… are they trying to communicate with me to feed them?”

The answer is not always black and white, but most usually the answer is no, they aren’t communicating with you, but rather the bird it sees in its reflection. While some individual birds that have learned you fill your bird feeders regularly might be tapping on your window to get your attention (we’ve heard of hummingbirds and other songbirds doing this), many birds this time of year are starting to set up or defend their territory.

Late winter and early spring is the start of establishing or reclaiming territories for many birds, especially some of the year-round residents like northern cardinals and American robins.

If a male happens to see its reflection in a window or car in its territory, it may see the reflection bird as a threat and competition, so it may harass it repetitively. One option to deter them is to hang up a sheet or towel to remove the reflection or put up something to break up its image.

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Nature Notebook

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