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New Hartford Alternative Education building near completion; Business Manager Marsh resigns

By Veronica Wolf

The Hartford Public Schools Board of Education opened the 2023 year with their annual organizational meeting on Monday, Jan. 9.

Special meeting

The board held a special meeting at 6 p.m. to allow construction manager presentations by Miller Davis and Skillman Corporation. While the focus was to understand the anticipated facilities audit, the presentations contained a broad spectrum of supports they are able to offer within this process. Both firms had a partnership with Kingscott, architecture firm. The board made sure to address how the community would be involved in the process.

Business Manager Marsh resigns

The board received the resignation of Aaron Marsh, effective Jan. 13, 2023. After being with the district for seven months, Marsh was thanked for his time and wishing him the best.

The board had a discussion around the current climate in the industry with finding a candidate for this position. While essential to find an appropriate fit for the district, the role is one that is essential to regular operations. The board plans on going forward with an agreement to contract School and Municipal Advisory Services, PC. School and Municipal Advisory Services will be facilitating the search and helping fill the open role appropriately.

2023 Organizational Meeting

Opening the 2023 calendar year, the Hartford Board of Education held their Annual Organizational Meeting (following the Jan. 9 special meeting). This happens in place of the January Work Study Meeting.

The board held their officer elections resulting in the following: Board President, Mike Banic; Board Vice President, Rick Vawter; Board Secretary, Jason Meachum; Board Treasurer, Kurt Kuehnle.

There were no changes structurally to the board operations. However, there was discussion held around the financial institution used by Hartford. With the addition of Honor Credit Union to the Hartford community this past year the board will review the opportunity to partner with them in the future.

Board Committees will be set at a later time. President Banic informed the other board members that with upcoming facility and structural assessments there will be some committees more active than in the past.

Board Calendar approved

The 2023 Board Calendar was also approved. Discussion was held on making sure that the information about meetings is more readily available. Typically, the board holds two meetings a month; one Work Study Meeting, and the other a Business Meeting. Work Study typically happens on the first Monday of the month. The Business Meeting happens on the third Monday, with the exception of January, May, and October which happen on the fourth Monday.

District updates

Superintendent Brad Geesaman held a discussion around the course offerings for the students. The board approved an agreement with On-Task Education Solutions. On-Task Education Solutions will be assisting in gathering and compiling the data to help guide the decisions being made. The solutions the board was looking for should be scalable and easy to update as the need arises. Superintendent Geesaman was hopeful that this will be a positive direction for the district, and that they could move forward with it soon.

The new Hartford Alternative Education construction is almost finished and they will have an announcement when they are ready to open and host an Open House event.

Next meeting

The Hartford Public Schools Board of Education meets next on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023 at 7 p.m. in the Hartford Public Schools Central Office. Public are welcome to attend.



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