The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reported that the strong winds caused the water to turnover in some areas of the Great Lakes, which created some very good Trout and Salmon fishing as cooler water could be found higher in the water column.  Those fishing the inland lakes across the state continue to catch panfish, Bass, Pike and Walleye.   The DNR fishing tip for the week is ‘Versatile Walleye tips for August’.  Walleye can be especially difficult to catch during the hot summer months as their sluggish behavior keeps them from being their normally aggressive selves.  But there are a few specific things anglers can try to land this great sport fish; including the following:  Use crankbaits to cover any layer of water column.  Get it in the proper zone and change its speed and movement.  Crankbaits can work especially well during nighttime Walleye fishing.  Rip-jigging can be the way to go if you tip it with a minnow, leech, piece of night crawler or plastic.  An easy way to fish is by using a slip bobber rig – although requiring more patience, this technique is great to use after a cold front has moved through or during the extreme heat.  Try live-bait rigs or three-way rigs, especially when Walleye are sitting on the bottom and haven’t shown much interest in feeding. If you want to learn more about fishing for Walleye, check out the Michigan Fish and How to Catch them section of the DNR’s website.   Pyle’s Porthole in South Haven reports the Perch have moved in close because of the east winds we have been having and can be found in 15 feet of water, south of the pier.  On Lake Michigan, Salmon, Steelhead and Lake Trout are being caught in 60 to 90 feet of water.    Pier anglers have caught some Perch because they are in so close.  They have also caught Catfish, and Sheepheads.  Inland lakes in the area are doing well producing pan fish and Saddle Lake has given up a lot of Bass this past week.   Ellinee Bait & Tackle by Coloma’s Paw Paw Lake reports pan fish are doing real well in all the surrounding inland lakes, especially Paw Paw Lake.  The Crappie can be found real deep right now.  Bass anglers have been doing well also.  No word on recent catches of Pike or Walleye.  The anglers targeting Catfish are doing well, especially in the St. Joseph River and Kalamazoo River.   Perch anglers going out of St. Joseph to Lake Michigan report that Perch fishing was good and should continue as the temperatures climb.  Fish were caught north and south of the piers in 30 feet of water.  Boat anglers targeting Salmon reported slow fishing in 50 to 100 feet of water as the fish seemed scattered.  Pier anglers caught the occasional Steelhead on Shrimp.   Anglers on the Kalamazoo River caught a fair number of summer Steelhead at the mouth of Swan Creek and at the Allegan Dam when floating crawlers or drifting yarn on the bottom.  Walleye fishing picked up with a fair number of fish caught by those trolling crawler harnesses or Hot-n-Tots in the lower stretches.


  Michigan parents of children interested in learning to hunt should consider enrollment in a hunter education class as part of their “back-to-school” plans.  Now is the best time for new hunters to enroll in a class so they are ready to hit the woods this fall.   Anyone born on or after January 1, 1960, is required to successfully complete the course in order to purchase a Michigan hunting license or to participate in an out-of-state hunting trip.  For more information about hunter education or to find a class in your area, go to www.michigan.gov/huntereducation.   Michigan DNR conservation officers are reminding personal watercraft (PWC) users there are laws protecting ducks, geese and other waterfowl outside of hunting seasons.  Riding PWC can be a great way to enjoy summertime, but also at this time of year many ducks and geese are out on the water with their young broods.  It is important for these riders to avoid these waterfowl.   Over the past few years the DNR has received reports of negative interactions between PWC riders and waterfowl.  Some areas have become places of recurring concern.  Michigan law dictates that it is illegal to take waterfowl during closed hunting seasons or to take game with a motor vehicle.  Penalties for these misdemeanors include up to 90 days in jail, up to a $500.00 fine, or both, and the costs of prosecution.  In addition, $500.00 restitution may be imposed.   To report illegal take of waterfowl or other species, call the Report All Poaching hotline at 1-800-292-7800.  Those providing tips may remain anonymous.


  The Coloma Rod and Gun Club will hold their monthly CCW Class on Saturday, August 13.  Registration day is August 7 at the Club.  The cost of the class is $100.00 and taught by a certified NRA and RSO instructor.  To sign up or for more information, call 269-621-3370.    The Club has breakfast available every Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and a fish fry on the first Friday of the month from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.; both are open to the public.


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