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Panthers take the next step for a Bond Proposal

Watervliet Public Schools is seeking approval of a May 2 ballot issue, a $29.9M bond for improvements to the district schools. The Watervliet Board of Education approved the bond language in a special meeting on Jan. 23, 2023.

This bond proposal focuses on three key areas:

Safety and Security

•New secure building entrance at the Middle School

•Classroom door hardware upgrades

•New security doors

•Redesign and replacement of the parking lot at the HS campus to improve safety and traffic flow

Aging Buildings

•Restroom remodeling, improving ADA access

•Mechanical upgrades, water heater replacement

•New classroom space for the W.A.Y. program

•Resurface track and construct new concessions, restroom and storage building

Educational Programming / Learning Environments

•Addition of STEM classrooms for hands-on learning at the elementary schools

•Addition of STEM / Robotics classroom for hands-on learning at the Middle / High School

•Cafeteria, auxiliary gym and weight room addition

•Science lab improvements

•Selective furniture replacements

For more information regarding the specific details of the project, visit:



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