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Press Box Player of the Week: James Anthony

Press Box Player of the Week for Feb. 16, 2023 is James Anthony! James is currently a freshman at Coloma High School and is part of the bowling team.

Anthony has had a stellar season so far this year for the boys’ bowling team as he is consistently putting up high scoring games in the 200-point range and has helped propel Coloma to a great season. Some accomplishments overall for him in bowling is that he recently bowled a 299 game, one pin away from a perfect game! He has also picked up every split in bowling except for the 7-10, the hardest one there is.

Aside from bowling, Anthony has played football in the past although he did not play for Coloma this past season. It is something he is open to possibly trying next year.

Outside of sports he is a great student, as he currently carries a 3.933 GPA. In school, his favorite subject is math which comes easy to him and makes it something that he enjoys learning. The main thing Anthony likes about Coloma High School is that the teachers are easy going for the most part and they make learning both fun and enjoyable for the students.

Aside from classes, he is also a member of the choir at Coloma High School as well as a member of the esports team. Anthony enjoys both choir and the esports group because he finds them peaceful and a fun way to relax. Outside of school he enjoys bowling, axe throwing and anything sharp. He also enjoys woodworking, listening to music, playing video games, and working on his 1960 Ford Thunderbird with his dad.

James would like to thank his bowling coach, Mrs. Ball, as she has helped him become a better bowler by teaching him the fundamental principles and challenges him to learn harder skills to keep bettering himself as a bowler. He would also like to thank his family and friends for inspiring him and uplifting him when he has had a bad game in bowling or troubles in life and they are able to show him the best version of himself! He does not yet have anything too serious in mind for after high school although he does want to go to college.

Congratulations James on being named the Press Box Player of the Week and for the great season you are having with the bowling team!



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