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Spring Break reminder

Teachers, parents, and students, it’s almost that time of year! That’s right, Spring Break is just around the corner and with that comes family fun! Whether you’re planning a staycation, heading to another state, or traveling abroad, now is the time to make sure your passport is up to date. Having an out of date passport can ruin the best laid plans and leave you scrambling for assistance.

The good news is my office can help cut through the red tape. Now we can’t guarantee every outcome because every situation is unique and the passport centers can take time, but what I can promise is our team will push to the best of our ability to try and help. The first step you can take is looking for when your passport expires. This is important because some countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your trip.

Renewing your passport typically needs to be done 8-11 weeks in advance. With that said, there is an expedited process that can be utilized to speed up the process. This dramatically reduces the time to 4-7 weeks but costs an additional $60. I recommend not using a third party claiming they provide expedited service and instead going directly to to renew your passport.

Once you have applied for renewal, you can check the status of your passport by visiting It can take up to two weeks after your application is submitted for it to register as “in process.”

In emergency situations, my staff and I can reach out on your behalf for a status update on a passport application. We can also inquire about available appointments in Chicago or Detroit if you are within two weeks of travel.

Whether you’re spending Spring Break here in Michigan or somewhere else, I hope you enjoy a fun-filled time with friends and family!

If you need help navigating a federal agency, please visit Huizenga.House.Gov or call my office in Holland at (616) 251-6741 or in Washington at (202) 225-4401 so we can assist you.


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