01-11-2018 Letters and Commentary

Submit, or surrender?

“Forcing your way against a will, leaves the person of the same mind still.” So goes the short proverb about imposing your will on someone else. This applies to everything from doing homework to what religion to follow. Someone may submit to an outside influence, but submission does not change the person. Only surrender does that. And those who insist on submission must understand that their efforts are in the long-term useless at best.

There is no peace in submission, not for the one being imposed upon and not for the imposer. There is just conflict. Sometimes that tension will not be revealed until later. Perhaps when the child is no longer under the direct control of a parent, or later, when someone makes new spiritual discoveries that take them past mere rules of conduct and into a life of the glorious discovery of surrender.

When Jesus Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane praying to His Heavenly Father about His imminent crucifixion, He made the statement “Not My will, but Thine be done.” It was more than submission. He surrendered His whole being to His loving Heavenly Father. It wasn’t a matter of rules. It was a matter of trust and entrusting. It was surrender.

And so it is with us. There is no peace in merely submitting. There is only peace in surrender. Surrender of our ability to save ourselves. Surrender of our wisdom alone to guide our lives. Surrender of our priorities and our pride. Surrender of our kingdom for His.

If God is trustworthy, and He is, and if He loves us, and He does, doesn’t it make perfect sense to entrust ourselves to Him without reservation? Yes, it does.

First we surrender to Him. Then submission to His will is a joyous choice. That’s what makes the Gospel such good news!

Celebrating our nation’s diversity

 January 15 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday and a day of remembrance. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to creating and fostering equal rights for African Americans, and he died during his efforts to make his dream a reality.

Diversity of skills, knowledge, and perspective is what you want when putting together a strong team. In a way, America is a super team of diverse members, all of whom dream of prosperity and success. Many people honor Martin Luther King Jr. for dedicating his life to showing us that diversity is a strength.

Social Security’s “People Like Me” website has custom information for preparing for your future. Our diverse country is made up of countless backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities, yet we all want the same thing — a secure future. You can see the many diverse people we serve at www.socialsecurity.gov/people.

Younger people need to know that the earlier you start saving, the more your money can grow. Our website for young workers at www.socialsecurity.gov/people/youngpeople/saving.html has many resources that can help you secure today and tomorrow.

Veterans and wounded warriors, as well as their families, sometimes face unique obstacles when saving for their future. Our website has grea