01-26-2017 City of Coloma makes another payment to MDOT; Coloma’s East St. Joseph Street project; Mi

City of Coloma makes another payment to MDOT

By Christina Gelder

It was approved at the Monday, January 23 meeting of the Coloma City Commission to make a third payment to MDOT for the E. St. Joseph Street project. The commissioners clearly did not want to approve these but Mayor Jim Polashak said they would have to be paid eventually.

To sum up the thoughts on the project and its winter shutdown Commissioner Marsha Hammond said she is disgusted with how MDOT and the contractor are handling things. The City has no control however because it is an MDOT project.

When it came time to vote commissioners Jason Hicks and Julie Smith voted “yes, under protest” and Commissioner Linda Freitag voted no.

Purchase of cold patch approved

Commissioner Hammond announced that the Department of Public Works has the opportunity to buy cold patch from Berrien County. She said that last year they had trouble finding any and would like to approve the purchase. The price will be $104 a ton.

Department of Public Works Supervisor Rod Burkholder said they plan on purchasing 3-4 tons. He told the commission that it will not last long. The purchase was approved.

In other news, the commission voted to continue to allow Commissioner Hammond to fill in at City Hall in the event one of the employees there is out of the office. They also approved the collection of summer taxes for Lake Michigan College, which is something they do every year. The federal poverty guidelines were approved for 2017 in light of the upcoming Board of Review. Spring clean-up dates will be May 8-11.

Miss Spirit for 2017 chosen; Hartford and Watervliet make Top 5

By Annette Christie

 Representatives from the communities of Watervliet and Hartford that were vying for the title of Miss Spirit made it to the Top 5 out of 18 young ladies.  Katie Marie Schultz, 17, of Watervliet and Makayla Robinson, 16, of Hartford were a part of 18 other community first runners-up that were involved in this additional opportunity to be a part of the Blossomtime pageant.

The winner of the Miss Spirit title will go on to participate in the Miss Blossomtime pageant though she is not eligible to win Miss Blossomtime, first runner-up, or second runner-up.  She is eligible to be selected as Miss Congeniality by her fellow Blossomtime contestants.  She may also win awards for the modeling, communications, photography, and community service portion of the contest.

Following the Miss Blossomtime pageant, Miss Spirit will also be able to participate in all the Blossomtime activities that the community queens participate in such as a visit to the State Capital, the Shriner’s Hospital, and the Farm Tour.

Natalie Smiy of Stevensville was selected as Miss Spirit.  She is the daughter of A