01-30-2020 Remembering our dearly departed of 2019

Remembering our dearly departed of 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that all of the celebration of the New Year is over please take a few minutes to recall all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who died in 2019. The following are the names of those whose obituaries and death notices appeared in the Tri-City Record issues of 2019.

January 3 Issue Barbara Flagel of Brimley MI, formerly of Watervliet; Lori Ann Smith of Hartford; Nancy Bohn of Plainwell, formerly of Watervliet; Claude T. Gorman Jr. of Watervliet; Michael W. Dahms of Coloma; Helmut G. Hoffman of Coloma; Mary Christine Strait of Hartford; Sandy Robinson Duck of Sodus; Alfred Schetlizki of Lawrence January 10 Issue Charles Richard Jarvis of Pipestone Twp.; Susan Kay Weber of Bainbridge Twp.; Joyce Sornsen of St. Joseph; Janet Culbreath of Benton Harbor; Michael Joe Mangold of Dowagiac; Linda T. Bachus of Branch MI January 17 Issue Joanne Louise Megna of Watervliet; Andre R. Machado; Vera Wade of Hartford; Daniel F. Koehler formerly of Watervliet; Skylinn Sarinne Salinas of Coloma; Herbert Teichman of Eau Claire January 24 Issue Camilla Joan Diebold of Hartford; William Clifford Smith of Hartford; Frances Josephine Nelson of Watervliet; Geraldine A. Bridges of Hartford; Lisette Benson of Benton Harbor; Mark A. Thomas of Benton Harbor; Larry Lambrecht Sr. of Dowagiac; Garold Duane Thibeault of Benton Harbor; Larry Griffin of Watervliet; Michael Westbrook of Coloma January 31 Issue Virginia D. Dyer formerly of Hartford; John King of Sodus; Jonathan Sansom of Bridgman; Geraldine (Jerri-Sis) Ann (Getz) Bridges of Hartford; Theodora (Noles) Cheek of Watervliet

February 7 Issue Mark A. Thomas of Benton Harbor; Daniel Winans of Benton Harbor; Margie A. Alsup of Watervliet; Stephen J. White of Grand Junction; Terri Jeanne (Bender) Palma of Coloma; Charles Sherman Sanders of Hartford February 14 Issue Charles Stainbrook of St. Joseph; Gary R. Hall of Hartford; Wayne L. Otte of Coloma; Joan Marie Harris of Watervliet; Mary Lou Kraft of Benton Harbor; Leatha Mickel of Benton Harbor; Jean Ruth Mathieu of Bridgman; Raymond L. Jahnke of Niles February 21 Issue Verda Ruth DeRosa of Coloma; Michael Kremers of Eau Claire; Seward “Bubs” Lightner Jr. of Hartford; George “Bud” Darling of Coloma; Wallace Eugene Heuser of Lawrence; Mark D. Townsend of Coloma; Anna “Betty” Webb of Coloma; Kenner F. Buckley of Coloma; Richard S. Smith of Watervliet February 28 Issue Janice Roine (Freier) Whitcomb of Stevensville; Verda Ruth (Root) Wallace of Hartford; David A. Jackson of Coloma; Eugene E. Miston Sr. of Fountain MI; Andrew Koshar of Watervliet; Ingeborg Hewitt of Benton Harbor

March 7 Issue John Milton Hauf of Watervliet; Juliet D. Hudson of Coloma; Anna Webb of Coloma; Petro (De Leon) Rios of New Buffalo; Virginia Marie Radewald of Niles; Anna Meister Springer of Coloma; Patricia Ann (Liles) Warren of Watervliet; Marion L. Toney of South Haven March 14 Issue Clarence C. Gunn of Watervliet; Joan Louise Deam formerly of Watervliet; James L. Edgell formerly of Coloma; Eugene Karl Pasek of Watervliet; Boyd M. Umphrey of Clermont FL; Shirley Jean Brooks of Covert March 21 Issue Albert R. Steffens formerly of Watervliet; Luella Knight of Hartford; Roger C. Leach of Decatur; Alice M. Weschgel formerly of Grand Rapids; Jamie L. Juergensen-Mastandrea of Sister Lakes; Terry Ray Henagan of Hartford; Katrina Marie Johnson of Hartford; Pamela S. Froeber of Lawrence March 28 Issue Lauretta F. Titman of Coloma; Larry G. Easton of Coloma; Vada M. Smith of Sister Lakes; Warren Wayne Seabury Sr. of Covert

April 4 Issue Phyllis J. Kling of Hartford; Virginia Anne (Maxfield) Watson of Pipestone Township; Charles E. Herman of Coloma; Ethelyn M. “Chub” Pastrick of Hartford; Wanda Jean (Beck) Ramsey formerly of Hartford; William R. Krohn of Bangor; Robin S. (Rennhack) Nitz of Paw Paw; Walter L. Roung of Coloma April 11 Issue Lenard Lidberg of Coloma; Luetta “Lou” Clem of Stevensville; Stanley W. Carlson of St. Joseph; Donald L. Bohle of Coloma; Linda G. Arthur of Watervliet April 18 Issue Karla R. Ashbrook of Benton Harbor; Michael Douglas Davis of Watervliet; Barbara Jean (Williams) Gunn of Watervliet; Deborah M. Ives of Stevensville; Robert Dale Christy of Benton Harbor; Steven Allen Williams of Hartford; Burland “Lee” McCormick II of Niles; Roger L. Kunkel of Watervliet; Stephen L. Anderson of Baroda April 25 Issue W. Duane Bodfish of Watervliet; Jacquelin L. Hammond of Coloma; Rachel A. DeProw of Berrien Springs; Arthur Ray Mollett of Hartford; Jennie Baker of Coloma; Stanley L. Head of Covert Township; Ellen M. Russell of Coloma; Charles A. Owen of Coloma; Earl Browers formerly of Coloma; Robert Ernest Cheek of Watervliet; Brenda Kay Lawson of Benton Harbor; Jacqueline Y. Peck of Buchanan; Rachel Y. Boruff of Watervliet

May 2 Issue Kenneth B. Godfrey of Bainbridge Twp.; Ervin Duane LaGrow of Benton Harbor; George Edward Spoke of Coloma; Loretta J. Kirby formerly of St. Joseph; Ruth L. Watkins formerly of Benton Harbor; Paula Ausley Melrose Brown formerly of Coloma; Wakelf James of Coloma; Richard G. Hensley of St. Joseph May 9 Issue June Elizabeth Russell of Coloma; Robert “Bob” Millhouse formerly of Keeler; Freddie Stamp of Benton Township; Janice F. Taylor of Kalamazoo; Patrick Alan Freehling of Buchanan; Nellie Gomez of Decatur; Wanda Robertson of Coloma; Lois Elnor Fox of St. Joseph; Julia Aubermann of Coloma; Anthony G. Meloche of Hartford; Lorenzo Romero of Hartford May 16 Patricia Kliss of Watervliet; Raymond Thomas Steinhaus of Watervliet; Evelyn Marie Miller of Hartford; Douglas Allan Clark of Dowagiac; Pamela Denbow of Coloma; Ann J. Kunkel of Coloma; Mignon G. Heppler of St. Joseph; James A. Charleston of St. Joseph; Mildred (Wilkinson) McLeese of Decatur; Anthony Meloche of Hartford; Terry R. Quinn of Rockwall TX; Roger W. Gibbs of Hartford May 23 Palmleaf “Pam” (Flowers) Mooney of Coloma; Ladd “Bud Burr” Wilson of Coloma; Michael C. Holt of South Haven; Ronald F. Hauch of St. Joseph; Patricia Diane Rasmus; Wayne Wolgensinger Sr. formerly of Coloma; William A. Yore Sr. of Coloma; Tommie “Slick” Ellis of St. Joseph May 30 Issue Wayne Wolgensinger Sr. formerly of Coloma; Brant Anthony Koshar of Hartford; Barbara A. Hobdy of Coloma; Beverly M. Koroch-Hirsch of St. Joseph; Roy C. Harrington formerly of Benton Harbor

June 6 Issue Judith Bleich of St. Joseph June 13 Issue Kathryn Ann Jones of Covert; Winifred Edith (Wileman) Knorst formerly of Watervliet; Emma L. Gaipa of Watervliet; Robert L. Nunley of Coloma; Tim Campbell of Coloma; Shirley J. Kietzer of Sister Lakes; Teresa M. (Dibble) Weaver formerly of Hagar Shores; Donna S. Cowsert formerly of Coloma June 20 Issue Heidi Town of Watervliet; Harriet M. Golomb of Coloma; Jeffrey Allen Spear of Galien; Michael Lee Robinson of Hartford; David Louder Sr. of Buchanan June 27 Issue Joyce Ann (Molter) Crowe formerly of Hartford; Alyce (Sarola) MacDonald formerly of Watervliet; Elmer Horn of Lawrence; Jeffrey Allen Spear of Galien; Nancy J. Eggers of Stevensville; Frances R. Zilke of Benton Township

July 4 Issue Darcy Beezley of Paw Paw; Vernon Leroy Curry of Watervliet; Karen Faulkner of Berrien Springs; Dorothy M. Brown of Coloma; Viola R. Drake of Bangor Township; Donnie R. Madison of Hartford; Raymond Eugene Wiltshire; Barbara Allen formerly of Coloma; Judith Ellen Burnette formerly of Keeler July 11 Issue Veronica “Vera” Harrison of Watervliet; Laura Margaret Winkel of Hartford; Suzanne Marie Glass formerly of Coloma; Ardee Adam Faultersack of Felch MI and Yuma AZ; Albert Beebe of St. Joseph; Wilma L. Igert of Benton Township; Iva J. Penley of Baroda July 18 Issue Ellen C. Becker of Coloma; Fay Caroline Hogue of Dowagiac; Ruby Maxine Parker of Hartford; Roberta “Bobbie” Kinney of Aurora CO; Johnny M. Tackett formerly of Watervliet; Deborah L. Pierce of Covert; Frank C. Pooch of Coloma July 25 Issue Kerry Haus of Compton, CA, formerly of Watervliet; Marion L. Davis of Hartford; Arvid Freemont Frazier of Watervliet; Bruce Frederick Schramm of Coloma; Brionna A. Capozio of Coloma; Pamela A. (Baser) Sanicki of Coloma; Piper Boven of Coloma; John L. Shearer of Coloma; Jeanette “Jan” V. Bell of Watervliet; Patricia E. Hill of Hartford

August 1 Issue Amelia F. Fajardo, MD, of Coloma; Chad William Whittington of Coloma; Ric