02-09-2017 Tri-City Area Sports

Hartford steals 48-45 win from Coloma’s grasp

 Hartford girls’ varsity basketball team started off sluggish Friday, February 3, against Southwestern Athletic Conference – Lakeshore Division foe Coloma. The Winterfest contest at Hartford tipped the Indians way in the form of a 48-45 victory.

Coloma sent Hannah Mathis, Kayla Yore, Morgan Wagner, Nicolle Larson, and Jenna Walter to the floor to start the game. Angela Saldana, Amara Wesaw, Jessica Cortes, Marissa Beraza, and AJ Jackson started for the Indians.

The first points of the game were scored with 6:10 left in the period as Coloma’s Wagner tossed up a 3-point shot. On the ensuing Hartford possession, Larson stole the ball, drove to the basket, and was fouled. She hit one of two free throws, giving Coloma a 4-0 lead.

ANYBODY’S BALL… The basketball was up for grabs Tuesday, January 31 as Water-vliet faced off against Coloma. Here, Coloma’s Robbie Schroeder (20) and Adam Hearn (34) join Watervliet’s Larmarrius Smith (22), Sheldon Tobar (44), and Bryant Kieft (33) in the rebounding fracas. Although Smith would wind up with the rebound, Coloma won the game 54-36. (TCR photo by Kristy Noack)

Larson followed up her free throw with a layup that sank through the net.

Hartford, reeling from the 6-0 start by Coloma, finally found their footing as Mikenzie Chambers scored two points.

The tide turned as Hartford’s Cora Wesaw hit a 3-pointer, drawing the Indians within one point of Coloma.

Wagner sparked a Coloma offensive effort. She landed two 3-pointers. Coloma led 12-5 before Hartford’s Cortes landed a 3-pointer of her own. That was followed by a 3-pointer from Coloma’s Kayla Yore.

Megan Nelson of Hartford chipped in two points before Larson was sent back to the free throw line. She hit one of two shots to give Coloma 16-12 lead.

As the buzzer sounded, Hartford’s Beraza heaved a 3-point attempt but it was no good.

Hartford’s defense finally kicked into gear in the second period. The Indians held Coloma to just seven points. Yore opened the second period with a 3-pointer but the Coloma squad only mustered an additional four points over the following seven minutes.

Hartford, meanwhile, enjoyed a burst of energy and effort from their offense. Jessica Cortes landed two 3-pointers and AJ Jackson put up four points in the period.

At halftime, Hartford enjoyed a three point lead, 26-23.

Third period play featured a tremendous effort by Coloma’s Mathis. She scored four of her team’s 10 third quarter points. Hartford scored eight points, including six on two 3-pointers courtesy of Beraza and Cortes.

Coloma drew to within one point as the third period closed out, trailing 34-33 as they tightened up their shooting and defensive play.

In the fourth period, Cortes jump started the