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BE MY VALENTINE… Jim and Donna Yore of Coloma happily display their prizes – a gift certificate to Easy Street Inn and a beautiful bouquet of red roses arranged by the Flower Basket. Donna’s love letter about Jim was chosen winner in the Tri-City Record Love Letter contest. (TCR photo by Teresa Smithers)

“Every day is Valentine’s Day” is winning entry in Tri-City Record’s Love Letter Contest

By Teresa Smithers

Five heartfelt love letters were submitted to annual Tri-City Record “Be My Valentine” Love Letters contest this year. We chose Donna Yore of Coloma as our winning writer. Mrs. Yore wrote a love letter about her husband, Jim Yore, and her love for him shines through in every line of her

Letter to Editor.

No one ever knows where they are going to meet the love of their life. Jim Yore met Donna in early 1953 when he rode along with a buddy of his who was going to see his girl in Watervliet. Donna Jean Hoffman happened to be visiting her that day and they all went for a ride together. Donna, a former Watervliet Little Bud Princess of 1938, and later Miss Watervliet, was (and is) a beautiful girl. Jim called her a few days later, but he was between cars at the time, so he wasn’t able to ask her out on a date until St. Patrick’s Day.

They dated a few weeks, and then she invited him to her senior prom. “And that was it for me,” Jim declared. He knew there would be nobody else for him. He proposed to her in the ballroom of Crystal Palace and they were married September 10, 1955.

“It was stormy in the morning,” Donna recalled, “but then the sun came out. And you know that has happened on every important day for us since. There will be a storm, then the sun will shine.”

Jim had rented a little cabin in Saugatuck for their wedding night. They had only been there a short time when their cousins and brothers showed up. “I don’t know how they found out where we were going to stay,” Jim laughed. The crowd stayed about 30 minutes, then left the honeymooners alone.

“The first thing we did after they left,” Donna remembered, “Was we knelt and prayed together. We wanted to start our marriage with prayer, asking God to bless our life together. And we give Him the honor for everything that has happened in our lives since then – the good and the bad – for he is the Lord of our lives.”

In 1962, Jim built the home they still live in. “We had pull-down light switches and only a storm door when we moved in,” Donna recalled, “It was cold, but I was as happy as if we lived in a palace.”

“I never knew that marriage could be so good,” Jim enthused, “But then, I have such a wonderful wife.”

Donna and Jim Yore love celebrating Valentine’s Day. One year, Jim surprised Donna with a trip to Dutch Mill on Silver Lake. She talks about it in her love letter, her Valentine gift to him this year.