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Larsons still Valentines after 31 years

By Annette Christie Diane Larson of Watervliet describes the man who holds her heart as having stimulating intelligence, exuberant humor, and steadfast loyalty. The man, her husband Doug, has been by her side for 31 years.

VALENTINES STILL AFTER 31 YEARS… Doug and Diane Larson share a kiss over the flowers they won in the Tri-City Record Love Letter contest. Diane (right) wrote the letter about her Valentine Doug (left), the man who still holds her heart after all this time. (TCR photo by Annette Christie)

She describes their life as being together in everything from the moment their story began at Southwestern Michigan College. When asked how they met, they both look at each other and chuckle. “I was her teacher,” Doug says.

They both ended up teaching at the college and their 31 years of marriage has taken them on a love-filled journey side by side. They have owned a farm, lived on a lake, and traveled the country, but decided that Watervliet Township is where they would make their home. Asked about the kind of things they enjoy doing together, in unison they replied, “Everything.” “We both love to read and garden,” Diane adds. The winner of this year’s Tri-City Record Love Letter Contest says the secret to a happy marriage is simple, “Be kind.” In her letter about Doug published in the February 7 issue of the Tri-City Record she wrote, “My valentine is, was and always will be Douglas Larson. Thirty-one years of marriage to him has been my privilege and my delight. We tend to think of Valentine’s Day as romance, as passion, and it is those things and much more. I know because my love is kindness in deed and word. He is stimulating intelligence, exuberant humor, and steadfast loyalty. Doug came into my life in a whirlwind. He charmed me, wooed me and bought me tires for my car instead of flowers (because I needed them more). I would say he wined and dined me, but truly it was Long Island Iced Teas, and dancing the nights away. We have worked together – taught at the same place, raised kids together, owned a store together, travelled the country together, renovated property together – and still like each other. It’s amazing and wonderful. There could never be another Valentine for me. Doug holds my heart.” As winners of the 2019 Be My Valentine Love Letter contest, the Larsons receive a dozen roses, dinner for two at Easy Street Inn, two movie passes to the Loma and gifts from sponsoring businesses. Tri-City Record would like to thank the following sponsors of the contest: Watervliet Coin Laundry, Watervliet Hardware, Cool Tan, Watervliet Shell Station, DiMaggios Pizza and Burgers and the Flower Basket.

Bainbridge Twp. officials discuss salaries; nixes 9% pay increase request for Supervisor, OKs 3% hike for elected officials, 2% for employees

By Teresa Smithers Budgets and contracts were the theme of the February 11 Bainbridge Township meeting as another fiscal year begins. After lively discussion, the Bainbridge Township Board of Trustees voted to prepare a resolution for a 3% increase for the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and Trustee. Supervisor Bill Hodge, who advised a 9% increase for the Supervisor and 2% increase for the rest, was the only dissenting vote. Hodge based his assessment on the currently stable cost-of-living index and comparative salaries, but Clerk Nancy Weber strongly protested. She stated that the increase would equal to only $6.58/week and she thought their work was worth more than that. The trustees and treasurer agreed with her. Long time Trustee Don Baier stated, “I’m satisfied [with 2%] for myself, but not for the Clerk and Treasurer. They are very busy, especially at election times.” “When the Treasurer makes a decision, it’s all on her,” agreed Trustee John Yetzke. Baier recalled that in years past, they had tried to go with no raises, but that caused salaries to get too low for the times and they would have to pass an embarrassingly high cost-of-living raise, so they began giving three percent raises across the board each year just to keep u