02-22-2018 Public Notices and Want Ads

LIEN SALE MODERN MINI…Storage will have Lien Sale on the March 9, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Items considered to be general household items. Modern Mini Storage reserves the right to bid. Tammy M. Purcell, Lawrence (2-22, 3-1-18 TCR)

HELP WANTED AMHAWK LLC- Coloma Plant has immediate first and second shift jobs positions available for general labor, break press operators and laser operators. Health insurance and 401K benefits. Apply Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 200 N. West St. Coloma, MI. (2-22, 3-1, 3-8, 3-15-17 TCR)

READY TO SELL The following abandoned goods stored at Coloma Motor Sports You-Lock-It Storage, 5270 Paw Paw Lake Rd., Coloma, Michigan, must be paid in full by March 1, 2018 or same will be sold for storage due, David Petlick #3, Cynthia Leimbach #9, Aaron Trapp #11. (2-8, 2-15, 2-22-18 TCR)

TOWNSHIP OF BANGOR COUNTY OF VAN BUREN, STATE OF MICHIGAN SECOND AMENDMENT TO ORDINANCE #1 REGULATING OUTDOOR ASSEMBLIES THE TOWNSHIP OF BANGOR, VAN BUREN COUNTY, MICHIGAN, HEREBY ORDAINS the following amendments to the Ordinance Regulating Outdoor Assemblies adopted by the Township of Bangor on April 3, 1971, as Ordinance #1, and Amendment to Ordinance #1 adopted by the Township Board on April 13, 2010: The ordinance requires the regulation, licensing and control of large numbers of people in outdoor assemblies. 1. The Preamble shall be modified to read as follows: The Township of Bangor Ordains that the interest of the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Township requires the regulation, licensing and control of large numbers of people in outdoor assemblies of more than two hundred (200) persons in attendance, excessively drawing upon the health, sanitation, fire, police, transportation, utility and other public service regularly provided to the Townships. The Township of Bangor specifically limits the number of outdoor assembly(ies) to TWO (2) events per parcel of land, per calendar year. 2. Section IV (Issuance of a License) shall be modified to read as follows: The Applicant shall furnish a copy of the Application for License to Conduct Outdoor Assembly to the following entities: Van Buren County Sheriff Department, Van Buren County Health Department, and the ABB Fire Chief, PRIOR to submitting the application to the Township. Such officer and officials of the named entities shall review and investigate matters relevant to the application and, within twenty (20) days of receipt of the application, and shall provide written approval/ recommendations stating Applicant’s compliance with all requirements set forth in Section VII. 3. Section VII in its entirety is as follows: The Application submitted to the Township shall include all such written approval / recommendations from the named entities. A. Section VII, #2 (Water & Waste Facilities) shall be modified to read as follows: The licensee shall provide potable water as approved by a Van Buren County Health officer of sufficient quantity and pressure to assure proper operation of all water using facilities under conditions of peak demand. The number and type of facilities required shall be determined on the basis of the number of attendants in the following manner: Toilets and lavatories at a ratio of 1 to every 50 attendants; drinking fountains at a ratio of 1 to every 50 attendants; taps or faucets at a ratio of 1 to every 50 attendants. Where the assembly is to continue for more than 12 hours, the licensee shall provide shower facilities on the basis of the number of the ratio of 1 to 50 attendants. All facilities shall be installed, connected, and maintained free from obstructions, leaks, and defects and shall at all times be in operable condition as determined by the Van Buren County Health Department. B. Section VII, #5 (Medical Facilities) shall be modified to read as follows: Each assembly must have medical services available on the premises of the assembly. The nature and extent of such service will be determined by the County Health Department. C. Section VII, #6 (Access and Traffic Control, Parking, Camping & Trailer Parking) shall be modified to read as follows: Access traffic control, parking shall be provided to insure proper ingress, egress, orderly flow of traffic and orderly parking of vehicles brought to the assembly. Traffic lanes and other spaces shall be provided, designate to be kept open for access by ambulance, fire equipment, helicopter, and other emergency vehicles. Prior to the issuance of a license, the Van Buren County Sheriff Department must approve the plans for access and traffic control. As to parking the licensee shall provide a parking area sufficient to accommodate all motor vehicles but in no case shall it provide less than one automobile space for every four attendants. The licensee shall provide electrical illumination of all occupied areas sufficient to assure the safety and comfort of all attendants. D. Section VII, #8 ( Insurance) shall be modified to read as follows: Before the issuance of a license the licensee shall obtain liability insurance with both bodily injury limits and property damage limits of not less than $1,000,000.00 (one million) from a company or companies approved by the commissioner of Insurance of the State of Michigan, which insurance shall insure liability for death or injury to persons or damage to property which may result from the conduct of the assembly or conduct incident thereto and which insurance shall remain in full force and effect in the specified amounts for the duration of the license. The evidence of insurance shall include an endorsement to the effect that the insurance company shall notify the Clerk of the Township in writing at least 10 days before the expiration or cancellation of said insurance. E. Section VII, #10 (Fire Protection) shall be modified to read as follows: The licensee shall at his own expense, take adequate steps as determined by the ABB Fire Chief to insure fire protection. G. Section VII, #11 (Fencing) shall be modified to read as follows: The licensee shall erect an appropriate barrier completely enclosing the site of sufficient height and strength to protect the safety of the attendants and surrounding citizens of the township. 4. All ordinances or provisions of ordinances in conflict with any or the provision of this ordinance and any amendments hereto, are hereby repealed. A copy of Ordinance No. 1 and all amendments are available from the Bangor Township Clerk, Linda Poland, at 32550 CR 687, Bangor, Michigan 49013 Effective Date and Adoption This Ordinance shall become effective thirty (30) days after its publication as required by law.

Motion by: ___________________________; second by _______________________ Upon roll call vote, the following voted: _________

Adopted: February 13, 2018 BANGOR TOWNSHIP Linda Poland, Clerk (2-22-2018 TCR)


Called to order @ 7:00 p.m. by Supervisor, Bill Hodge Present: B. Hodge, P. Hiler-Molter, N. Weber, J. Yetzke, Absent: D. Baiers Approved consent agenda, including bills and payroll $14,710.19 Received public safety and departmental reports. Approved 2018-19 Board Meeting Postings & Meeting Dates Approved 2018-19 Salaries: Supervisor,($15,892) Clerk,($16,620) Treasurer,($17,008) Trustees,($1,435) & Employees with a 2% increase Accepted Risk Reduction Grant ($5000) for security system Approved Indiana Electronics bid ($4,980) for surveillance camera system Approved Advanced Alarms bid for Security System ($7,310) Approved Contracts for 2018-19 Cemetery & Mowing Approved 2018-19 Assessors Renewal Letter & Contract Approved Renewals letters for 2018-19 Bldg. Inspector/ Bldg. Official, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, & Ordinance Officer Approved 2018-19 Fee Schedule Approved 2018-19 Annual Resolution Depositories Approved 2018-19 Resolution: Poverty Guidelines & Asset Test Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Patty Hiler-Molter Township Clerk (2-22-18 TCR)

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Rennhack Family Trust, u/t/a dated December 7, 1998. The Declarant, Dorothy L. Rennhack, who lived in Baroda, Michigan, died December 16, 2017. No Probate estate has been opened for Dorothy L. Rennhack. There is no personal representative of a Probate Estate for the decedent to whom Letters of Authority have been issued. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the trust will be forever barred unless presented to Mark E. Rennhack or David L. Rennhack, successor co-trustees, within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice. Notice is further given that the trust will be thereafter assigned and distributed to the persons entitled to it.