02-22-2018 Remembering our dearly departed of 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that all of the celebration of the New Year is over please take a few minutes to recall all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who died in 2017. The following are the names of those whose obituaries and death notices appeared in the Tri-City Record issues of 2017.

January 5 Issue Richard G. Green of Traverse City; John Daniel Gunn of Watervliet; Pamela Kay Shimer of Bemidji, MN; Luella Mae Cheshire formerly of Hartford; Bernard “Ben” Gallert of Benton Harbor; James Alvin Hester of Bangor Township; Ray Douglas Dodge of St. Joseph; Antonia Reyna Vigil of Lawton

January 12 Issue Alice (Richards) Baker formerly of Coloma; Frank “Frankie” Hoffman Sr.; Vada Estella Langston formerly of Hartford; Maurice “Skip” Schinck of Coloma; Dolores M. Bishop of Coloma; James L. Ott of Coloma; Robert Allen Hart of Coloma; Gary Lee Brink of Hartford

January 19 Issue Virginia Lee Willoughby of Hartford; Harold R. Koern of Coloma; Lois Evelyn (Krieger) Schmaltz of Watervliet; Blanche Higgs of Grand Junction; Lori Ann George of Coloma; Harry James Rodgers II of St. Joseph; Vicky M. Hartman of Stevensville; Gregory Gunn of Watervliet; Deanna J. McTheeney of Hartford; James Dustin Burleson of Coloma January 26 Issue James Thompson of Riverside; Deward “Dewey” Little of Benton Harbor; Russell O. Carlson of Coloma; Vivian Mae Godgiben of Hartford; Lester W. Skibbe of Dowagiac; John R. Watkins Jr. of Benton Harbor; Kevin C. Green of Hartford; Paul H. Styburski of Benton Harbor; Edward Loami Miller; Carl E. LaVanway Jr. of Bridgman; Nancy Tallman of Cheboygan, formerly of Hartford; Andrew D. Henderson Jr. of Coloma; Clara Bradford of Bainbridge Twp.

February 2 Issue Clara L. Bradford of Benton Harbor; Harold F. Voorhees of Coloma; James A. “Jim” Rademacher formerly of Hartford; James R. Walker formerly of Hartford; John Anton Brower of Watervliet; Gerald “Jerry” William Troike of St. Joseph; Steven Robert Harmon formerly of St. Joseph; Edwin “Ron” Neumann of Coloma; John Anton Brower of Watervliet; Lisa Maureen Wildeman formerly of Niles; Raphael (Rae) Marie Rotgers; Lorraine Louise Christner of Watervliet; Mary Linneweh of Hartford

February 9 Issue Eddie Eugene Holland Jr. of Hartford; Janice A. Johnson of Coloma; Mary R. Vandervort of Coloma; William Leo Trail of Eau Claire

February 16 Issue Barbara “Bobbi” Ann Ecker Blatchford of Watervliet; George Norman “Norm” Love of South Haven; Floyd Norman Sanders of Dowagiac; Robert F. Stine of Dowagiac; Antoinette “Toni” Josephine Ives of Benton Harbor

February 23 Issue Robert C. Spies of Benton Harbor; Beatrice “Bea” Zavec of Watervliet; Adam Lee Stevens aka Alexandra White of Berrien Springs; Elsie Marcucci of Coloma; Robert Eugene Benka of Buchanan; Hali K. Burchfield of Hartford; Frederick Hosbein of Coloma; Danny E. Michael of Hartford; Gary Lewis Sr. of Watervliet

March 2 Issue Sharon G. Chapin of Coloma; Norma L. Soto of Watervliet; Paul R. Kolenko Sr. of Paw Paw; Jeffery Thomas Merick of Paw Paw; Charles F. Jewell of Coloma; Donald James Eber formerly of Coloma; Brian Scott Burfield of Hartford March 9 Issue Carol Elizabeth Wilkins; Roland Fajardo of Coloma; Elisabeth June Rodgers of Hartford; Ragie L. Buck formerly of Watervliet; DeWayne W. Green of Benton Harbor; Jimmy Guess of Coloma

March 16 Issue Susan Caprez Bressler formerly of Coloma; Russell Robert Gray of Benton Harbor; Hugh R. delaForet of Coloma; Alred “Al” Edwin Freudenberg of Hartford; Flossie Mitchell of Watervliet; Charles Ellsworth Warkentien of Hartford; Frederick E. White of Watervliet; Gordon C. Fowler of St. Joseph; Henry “Hank” Mandro of Coloma; Vera Smith of Bainbridge Township; Phyllis M. (Eubanks) Baker of Coloma

March 23 Issue Joyce M. Kime of St Joseph; Ernest “Ernie” Santoro of Hartford; Shirley McCarthy of Coloma; Lydia Christene Merfeld of Benton Harbor; Boyd Estes formerly of Hartford; Patrick W. Walsh of Benton Harbor; Gladys (Mickey) Hollins Bennett of Coloma; Alvin Homer Nixon of Hartford; Lloyd “Sandy” Sanders of Benton Harbor

March 30 Issue Emily Foster of Hartford; Mildred F. (Fikes) Delacruz of Riverside; Shirley J. Sumner of Stevensville; Danita Smith of Eau Claire; Dr. Donald E. Schultz of St. Joseph; Kelly Ketcham-Stoney of Grand Rapids; Michael G. Wesner of Eau Claire

April 6 Issue Joseph L. Willmeng II of Berrien Center; Sean S. McQuillan of Coloma; Thomas “Hoppy” L. Cassidy of Benton Harbor; Shirley A. Montey formerly of St. Joseph; Betty L. Faultersack of Coloma; Martin Gilbert “Gil” Migala of St. Joseph; Clotilde Hernandez; Lena “Viola” Litaker of Benton Harbor; Richard N. Berends of Benton Harbor

April 13 Issue Earl “Whitey” Sprague formerly of Watervliet; Eleanor Larsen of St. Joseph; Mary Ann Cordaro of Coloma; Cindy Burgess of Watervliet; D. Annette Bolin of Watervliet; Audrey M. Elsner of St. Joseph; James Ross Bradshaw of Coloma; Brian Kniebes of Berrien Center; Kathryn B. Jensen of Coloma

April 20 Issue Curtis William Drake of Hartford; Fred Kroboth of Hartford; Ricky “Rick” Lee Clark formerly of Coloma; Kevin William Darling of Lawrence

April 27 Issue Billy & Twila McCoy; Mike Willmeng of Kalamazoo, formerly of Watervliet; Gerald Wayne Miller of Ripley, TN, formerly of Watervliet; Marjorie Jean (DeMaar) Truhn of Stevensville, formerly of Coloma; Bernhard E. Hoeckelberg of Hartford; Carrie Louise (Clark) Pollack, Jimmy Dale Pollack, Jimmy Dale “J.J.” Pollack Jr., Ivey Louise Pollack and Callie Lee Pollack all of Buchanan, TN; Wilma Jean Heflin; Ardys Joyce Ludwig Schultz of St. Joseph; Linda Lou Bentley of South Haven; Clyde L. Jack of Coloma

May 4 Issue Sarah Jane Calvert of Florida, formerly of Watervliet; Carlyle John Brown of Watervliet; Joseph F. Littleton of Coloma; Raleigh W. Anderson of Coloma; Roy Clinton Oakley Jr. of Watervliet; Regil Jay Mattson of Watervliet; Mollie Jean Kirby of Benton Harbor; Ward Henry Collins of Hartford; John R. Farrish of Watervliet; Alfonso “Moe” Davino Jr. of St. Joseph; Arlin Zell Stockwell of Buchanan; Jamie J. Hudson of Coloma; Lisa Ann (Divine) Jewell of Coloma

May 11 Issue Paul L. Soderborg Sr. of Coloma; Sue Marie (Reinking) Buckley formerly of Watervliet; Robert “Bob” Reinking of Watervliet; Ellen M. Howley of Watervliet; Sherman Eugene Strasser formerly of St. Joseph; Nicholaus Ian Kling of Benton Harbor; Vernon O. Nothdruft of Dowagiac; Marlene Cuchran of Coloma; Sheena Nicole Miller of Watervliet; Michele Lee Simmons of Coloma; Billy Ray Morris of Bangor Township

May 18 Issue Clinton W. Evett of Coloma; Betty June Henagan of Hartford; Joan M. Wood formerly of Coloma; Brenda M. Moore of Watervliet; Herta Nemethy of Coloma; Verna Agnes (Janke) Ratter formerly of Benton Harbor; Anne M. Ward formerly of Eau Claire; Virginia June Ott formerly of Benton Harbor

May 25 Issue Karen L. Giudice of Coloma; Kirk Michael Parrigin formerly of Coloma; James R. Kaekel of Coloma; Joseph Garner of Coloma; William Thomas Green of Watervliet; William John Schmalfeldt

June 1 Issue Margaret A. Arent of Coloma; Harold Baker of Coloma; Cornelius “Cork” Vonk of Benton Harbor; Ruth Qualls of Elkmont, Alabama; Martha R. Johnson of Coloma

June 8 Issue Charles M. Scherer of Watervliet; Melinda S. Michael of Eau Claire; Benjamin “Ben” John Schaaf formerly of St. Joseph; Steward W. Brown of Watervliet; David Ray Crest of Hartford; Rev. Robert John Lacker of Benton Harbor – St. Joseph; Dorothy L. Yeager of Allegan; Steven Wayne Joslyn of Coloma

June 15 Issue Betty L. Hosbein of Coloma; Bruce A. Newnum of Coloma; Harold William Walker Jr. of Hartford; Edward C. Sempert of Auburndale, FL; Michael J. Vladic of Eau Claire; Ocea O. Davis of Coloma; Grant Griffin of Watervliet; Virginia Hoadley of Hartford; Ruth A. Williams of Coloma; Gary S. Patzer of St. Joseph; Emma Belter of Benton Harbor; Larry D. Vaught of Benton Harbor; Rosie (Reece) Magee of Benton Harbor; Maria H. Vance of Coloma

June 22 Issue Madge L. Phillipi of Watervliet; Ruth Ellen Browers of Coloma; Dorlene J. Neeley of Covert; John Mumaugh of Watervliet; Carol Ann Blastick of Coloma; C. Eddie Watson of Pipestone Township; Richard “Dick” Williamson of Coloma; Michael Andrew Harper of Watervliet

June 29 Issue Vera Stineman Rowlee formerly of Watervliet; David LaGrow of Coloma; Mark A. Garrison of Benton Harbor; Eunice Holland of Hartford; Sergio Arturo Rivera of Hartford; Anthony W. Krueger of Hartford; David C. Stone of Baroda

July 6 Issue Grant Charles Griffin of Watervliet; Lucille M. Everett formerly of Benton Township; James Andrew McKeown of Middleville, MI; James E. Aldrich of Benton Harbor; Shoale Lorraine (Jones) Warren of Watervliet; Bruce Andrew Wright of Sister Lakes

July 13 Issue John D. Latsch of Hagar Shores; Dennis M. Harris of Coloma; Annette M. Kucharski of Decatur; Billie Bon Therrian of Watervliet and Winter Garden, FL; Kathleen P. Ramsey of Watervliet; Eugene J. Serpe of Benton Harbor; George W. Varvel Jr. of Benton Harbor; Nancy Jean (Anderson) Kutchinski of Coloma; Robert William Kowerduck of Hartford; Peter Aaron Thomas of Watervliet; WJ Craig of Coloma

July 20 Issue Alfred Ray Russell of Cabot, AK; Ruth C. Stanton of St. Joseph; Donald Dean Rose of Hartford

July 27 Issue Betty Sue Rutherford Sirk of Coloma; Brandon L. Brown of Watervliet; Jean Carol Wessendorf of Keeler; Harold Preston Smith formerly of Benton Harbor; Royce Ralph Britenfeld of Benton Harbor; Leo Wynn Cummins of South Haven

August 3 Issue John Allen Martin Sr. of Hartford; David Lee Williams Sr. of Watervliet; Sara M. Clem of Coloma; Jacqueline Kay Page of Coloma; Donald A. Lewis of Coloma; Edward Paul Scholtes formerly of St. Joseph; Herbert Russell Clements of St. Joseph; Teresa Victoria Struzik of Hartford

August 10 Issue Larry McClanahan of Watervliet; Judith Ann Coffeen of Eau Claire; Jorja M. Ritter of Coloma; Allen J. Marquardt of Benton Harbor; Larry L. Zielke of Eau Claire; Carry J. Shumway of Decatur; Edward Birmele of Watervliet; Kathy Ann Winans of Coloma; Tina L. Cheske of Benton Harbor; Keith R. Crowder of Coloma; Leta Jean Genovese of Benton Harbor; Steven T. Rogers of Hartford

August 17 Issue Anita J. Oglesby of Covert; Alvin “Al” E. Burkall formerly of Coloma; Ruth Ann Garrod; Dorothy Jones of Coloma; Maria De Lourdes Aviles Armenta of Decatur; Naomi Morgan of Coloma; Norma L. Case of Dowagiac; Scott Masso of St. Joseph

August 24 Issue Edgar Lee Holland of Hartford; Cole Benjamin Birkhead of Hartford; Gaylord C. Lambrecht of Benton Harbor; Robert Eugene Dyer of St. Joseph; Frank McCain of Riverside; Schuyler Patrick Kellogg formerly of Hartford

August 31 Issue Jerry Admave from Coloma; Phillip Johnsen of Watervliet; Marcella A. Dixon of Coloma; Dennis Martin Hauch of Benton Harbor; Linda M. Stricklin of Watervliet; April Annette Gauthier of Eau Claire

September 7 Issue Kay Diamond Bearty of Watervliet; Edward W. Kafka of Coloma; Arthur E. Flagel of Bainbridge Twp.; Pamela J. Zehner of Watervliet; Charles W. Meagher of Watervliet; Adolf Schlender of St. Joseph; Mary Warmoth of Coloma; Phyllis Idell DeFord of Hartford; Donna M. Beebe of Coloma

September 14 Issue Gloria May Peters of Hartford; Ardis L. (Miller) Long formerly of Watervliet; Maurice “Mose” Kietzer of Keeler; James E. Andres of Coloma; Frieda Marilyn Schultz of Watervliet; Jack Eugene Angelo of Benton Harbor; Mike Moore of Coloma; Bruce Albert Varnau; Raymond Svorec of Coloma September 21 Issue Thomas Ford Moody Sr. of Hartford; Maria Castro of Hartford; William H. Hardin of Stevensville; Lester E. Page Sr. of Bridgman

September 28 Issue Jnoris Tio of Stevensville; Betty Baker of Watervliet; Buford Henry Mann of Hartford; Boguslaw Ludwig Sikora of Coloma; Betty Jane Fischer of Benton Harbor; Bobby Joe “Bob” Green of Sodus; Michele Louise Scaletta formerly of Hartford; Tom Donovan Holt

October 5 Issue Joyce Tutton of Coloma; Allen John Crumb; Clara Jean Snyder Hartwig; Vera E. Brooks of Watervliet; Gordon James McDonald of Hartford; Tamy J. McGuire of Coloma; Donald Leon Liles of Coloma

October 12 Issue Louise Dorothy Weeden formerly of Hartford, Louise Hawkins of Riverside, Donald Duane Koern Jr. of Berrien Springs, Cassandra C. Crumb formerly of Watervliet, Johnnie Harold Roberts of Benton Township, Carol A. Molter of Dowagiac

October 19 Issue Betty “BJ” Wolfe of Watervliet; Norma Jane Irvin of Bainbridge Township; Alvon Terry Klotz of St. Joseph; Richard Hubbard Foster of Benton Harbor; Catherine Ann Knapp of St. Joseph; Betty “Beezie” Russell of Coloma; Eva Angelina Bone of Covert Township

October 26 Issue Carolyn M. Norton of Coloma; Roger W. Molter of Bainbridge Twp.; Mary Louise (Antisdel) Maddox of Dowagiac; Margie Karn of Eau Claire; Alvin L. McCarver III; Odell Salach of St. Joseph; C. Michael “Sonny” Kelly of Decatur; Audrey M. Kelley Bevins of Watervliet; Michael Allan Guess of Coloma; Janice Jacobsen of Watervliet; Raymond Gary Jaskot of Sister Lakes; Irene (Harter) Cerecky of Bainbridge Twp.; Ivan Ivory Childs of Watervliet; Velda J. Lenz of Coloma

November 2 Issue Kenneth Michael Pomeroy formerly of Hartford; Richard Hake of Watervliet; Frances Louise (Webb) Bridgman formerly of the Tri-City area; Flossie Ellen Davis; Maria Antonia Aranda of Hartford Twp.; Barbara Allen Stair of Hartford; Lois Hosbein of Coloma; Sylvia G. Howell formerly of St. Joseph; Jerold Scoma Jr. of Stevensville; James Edwin Ratke of St. Joseph; Robert “Bob” Retz of St. Joseph; Richard “Dick” David Evans of Coloma; Joyce Ann Cerecke of St. Joseph; Rose (Marsala) Conrad of St. Joseph; Lanny Joseph Damouth

November 9 Issue Charlene Walter of Coloma; Barbara L. Gale of Coloma; Dennis Glenn Root formerly of Hartford; Deborah May Kreitner of Greenville; Sherman Gene Honea Sr. of Hartford; Mary Gay “Fay” Bassett of Lawrence Twp.; Joseph Okay formerly of Watervliet; Meryl G. Cross of Lawrence; Betty Lorraine “Lori” Cole Heuser of Hartford

November 16 Issue Alvin B. Veverka of Fremont MI; William “Bill” Stoddard formerly of Hartford; Kathleen Stockwell formerly of Hartford; Jeanie “Jean” Reves; Harold E. Fischer of Benton Harbor

November 23 Issue Carol L. Selter formerly of Watervliet; Janet L. Hampton of St. Joseph

November 30 Issue Maxine Willmeng of Coloma; Jimmy Lee Vermilyer of Niles; Christine Diane Price of Indianapolis, IN; Karen L. Howard-Brown of Benton Harbor; Darlene J. “Tag” Runge-Wutzke formerly of Stevensville; Cheryl L. Hogue of Watervliet; Stephen A. Hudzinski Jr. of Sodus; Nicholas G. Walker formerly of Coloma; Donald Earl Burrous of South Haven; Robert R. Jones of Benton Harbor; John Edward Klann Jr. of South Haven; Joseph E. Brule formerly of Watervliet; Joyce M. Myers of Stevensville; James D. Bartalone Sr. of St. Joseph; David Dennis Martin of South Haven

December 7 Issue Ruby E. Albright of Coloma; Irene Chisek formerly of Eau Claire; Rabon “Ray” Simcox of South Haven; Kevin J. Leitz of Coloma; Benjamin Franklin Moore Jr. of Coloma

December 14 Issue Kathleen Patrice Davis of McEwen TN; Russell Dee Chappel; Carolyn M. Rousselle of Coloma; Carl T. Myracle of Berrien Springs; Lucy G. Coombs of Coloma; Mary Lee (McElrath) Davis of Watervliet; David DeWayne Foster of Watervliet; Marlene H. Brown of Berrien Springs; Timothy Clark Cowell of Grand Junction; Brenda L. Beach of Canadian Lakes MI

December 21 Issue Paul Taulbee of Keeler; Heather Mari (Yetzke) Metz formerly of Watervliet; Lois Ann (Brinsfield) Anders of Hartford; Carl George Oehling Jr. of Coloma; Thomas Coy Smith of Watervliet Township; Connie Ann Zenor; Marie Anne Long of Coloma; Teresa Watson of Coloma

December 28 Issue Glen Bruce Dings of Coloma; Herbert L. Fairbanks of Benton Harbor; Peter Faraone of Coloma; Tonya Hudson of Coloma; Donald A. Howard of Grand Junction; Sharon Lee (Keene) Wolf of Dowagiac; Forrest James “Jim” Moore of Eau Claire; Sophia Watkins of Coloma; James Paul Hankins II


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