03-05-2020 St. Paul’s church in Bainbridge celebrates 170 years; Kute Kid; Ada Wetzel turns 102

TWO INFINITY AND BEYOND… Jaxon Lee Loshbough turned 2 years on March 2nd. Jaxon along with his older brother William are the kute kids of Brook and Willy Loshbough of Hartford. Grandparents are Leann Rose, Brad & Karen Rose, Bill & Amy Loshbough. Happy Birthday Jaxon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Ada Wetzel turned 102 on Tuesday, March 2, 2020. She is the oldest living graduate of Coloma High School. She and her husband owned and operated the original Wil-O-Paw motel. The entertainers of The Crystal Palace would stay at her motel. She was a hair dresser her entire life as well. Ada has been residing at Woodland Terrace of Coloma since 2014. She walks every day and is active in bingo each week. Ada is young at heart and very well loved by all she meets.

St. Paul’s church in Bainbridge celebrates 170 years

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Bainbridge Township is 170 years old this year! The founding families most likely never imagined what church service would look like today at St. Paul’s. Some of the church’s ways now would probably shock them. St. Paul’s UCC is currently led by a female minister, Pastor Danielle (Dani) Veenstra who arrived in October of 2016. She is the fourth female pastor after 156 years of men only, in the pulpit. Their service often includes an interactive sermon, sometimes with crayons and paper; where questions are asked of the congregation, pictures are drawn and together they wonder about their faith and what the reading for the day means for them in 2020 as followers of Jesus. The worship music is a mixture of familiar hymns with words and music from their history, new hymns with modern language set to familiar tunes, Sunday school songs, guitar and shakers as accompaniment are encouraged. Monthly the church enjoys ‘Lunch Bunch’ potlucks after service where all are welcome to join in. Some recent themes have been An Ancient Palestinian Luncheon of Lentils, beans and vegetable available in the time of Jesus, an Annual Chili Cook-off fundraiser where each $1 vote goes to the local HOPE Resources Food Pantry, Red food for Pentecost, Taco Bar, Salad and Ice Cream Social all make for fun times together where the congregation gets to know one another and discover ways they can connect outside of Sunday morning. St. Paul’s serves the community through volunteering at the food pantry, hosting an annual soup supper fundraiser for the pantry (in addition to their chili luncheon) and gathering grocery items the pantry runs short on. “Serving a church with such a rich and long history is a humbling experience. Tradition is important to our congregation, but not for tradition’s sake. We acknowledge the wisdom of our ancestors in setting the path we follow with Jesus as our example for a life of faith. But we also know that new ways