03-07-2019 School news & calendars

MIGHTY PANTHER AWARD WINNERS AT SOUTH ELEMENTARY… Teachers, staff, and students at Watervliet South Elementary are working together to “Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible” which all add up to: Be a Mighty Panther! These five students were awarded the “Mighty Panther Award” the week of Feb. 25, 2019 for their amazing behavior on the playground. Pictured are (from the left) Isabella Lopez (Mrs. Lanham’s Kindergartener), Serenity Weaver (Mrs. Pratt’s Kindergartener), Lillian Costner (Mrs. Cullitan’s 1st grader), McKinley Adams (Mrs. Melton’s 1st grader), and Kenadi Scott (Mrs. Dobb’s 2nd grader).

Little Panthers experience the longest 100 days! While the polar vortex made the 100th day of school much harder to achieve this year, students at Watervliet South Elementary were excited to see it finally arrive, as they welcomed their favorite superhero, Zero the Hero!

MASKED SUPERHERO… South Elementary Little Panthers were visited by Zero the Hero to help them celebrate 100 days of school for 2018-19. Zero shared many cool 100 things with the students before disappearing from sight!

On the hundredth day of school, Watervliet’s Littlest Panthers eagerly filed into the gymnasium and assembled in their own class “Zeros.” This year students enjoyed a story about how Zero the Hero came to be a superhero, told by South Elementary Principal, Carole Fetke. Then Zero the Hero arrived, cape and all! Zero talked with students about all the great fun they have had in school over the past 100 days and then led the students in 100 exercises in honor of the special day. Zero finished off his visit by throwing zeros out to all the students, before flying off in a flash! Along with the excitement of the visit from Zero the Hero, students at South Elementary also enjoyed many fun 100th Day activities throughout the school day. Activities included making 100th day glasses and hats, writing about how they would spend 100 dollars, stamping 100 times, eating 100 snacks, reading 100 words, and even finding out how they would look at 100 years old with the help of a little technology. It’s safe to say that the 100th day is a good day to be a Little Panther!

Coloma student on Northern Michigan University graduation list Emily Morrison of Coloma has satisfied degree requirements in December 2018 for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northern Michigan University in Marquette.