03-08-2018 School News & Calendars

THIS “KUTE KID” is… Kylee Winnell celebrating her 4th birthday! She is adored by her dad, Matt Winnell of Bangor, and her mom, Courtney Kuykendall of Coloma. Kylee’s proud grandparents are Mark & Dawn Winnell and Terry & Tammy Gramenz. Also to love her are Uncle Jason & Aunt Jennifer Winnell and Uncle Russell Kuykendall. Thank you to Kylee’s Great-grandma Jackie Ballard of Watervliet for sharing this photo.

Watervliet High School 2017-18 Honor Roll 1st Semester

Freshman All A’s: Ruth Aguilera, Isaac Bultema, Saul Burgos, Abigail Burrows, Jazmin Moron, Danyel Munson, Caitlyn Poupard, Anayeli Rosales, Grace Weckwerth, Vendan Workman. B average and above: Elizabeth Arndt, Jazmin Finch, Kristen Gardiner, Devin Goss, Jorge Guzman, Te’a Halamka, Matt Hanks, Alexis Hayes, Alexandra Hays, Madline Henagan, Kayla Hoy, Evan Hutchins, Grant Jackson, Destiny Kerr, Aiden Klein, Robert Kraklau, Alyssa Lange, Dylan Lawson, Aaron Leoni, Michael Lewison, Laiya Liberto, Riley McKinney, Abigail Miller, Joselin Moron, Dakota Munson, Jade Osbourne, Josh Reeves, Aria Richards, Shareni Romero, Marisa Rowe, Zachariah Rukas, Kyah Sexton, Don Smith III, Sophia Tavolacci, Ezra Troyer, Kade VanNiel, Adriyanna Winters, Anthony Woods, Isaiah Yazel. SOPHOMORE All A’s: Jordyn Angelo, Allison Eisen, Tekoa Marshall, Logan Roland, Susanna VanLente. B average and above: Keegan Adams, Jordyn Angelo, Ashley Bumstead, William Collins, Stephanie Cox, Brennan Dygert, Logan Franklin, Jessica Gearhart, Logan Geisler, Augustus Hinch, Madison Hopkins, Masyn Hotovy, Alex Isbrecht, Harneet Kaur, Serena Kerr, Meghan Klann, Jacob Loomis, Erin Maneepun, Taylor O’Neal, Trever Pelton, Cole Pline, Nick Polaskey, Brian Ramirez, Serena Reyna, Jayna Rodgers, Saarah Schaefer, Katelynn Sutherland, Nick Tilley, Dylan Tucker, Noah Weber, Curtis White, Madelyn Wilkinson, Isaac Wilmoth. JUNIOR All A’s: Emma Kraklau, Matt Melcher, Allison Pazera, Tyler Pennington, Madeline Teresko, Hannah Yerrington. B average and above: Lindsay Adams, Jakob Aldrich, Alex Anthony, Emma Armstrong, Johnny Benavidez, Allen Chapin III, Mikalah Clay, Trinity Crain, Anna Gagliardo, Arbin Gomez, Brytnie Harden, Jerrica Hargreaves, Angela Hayes, Coby Henslee, Cole Hunt, Eric Kehrer, Elaine Koshar, Brenna Langston, Garrett Matthews, Brionna Myers, Hannah Nye, Noah Pritchard, Maria Privett, Katherine Schmidt, Grace Smith, Russell Smith, Harlee Thornton, Jacob Wilmoth, Emma Yazel. SENIOR All A’s: Julie Aggar, Trent Boone, Ryan Chisek, Katie Clark, Kayla Farrow, Heather Frank, Courtney Little, Jaelyn Pitre, Taylor Prillwitz, Cianna Quattrin, Taylor Shafer, Zoe Smith. B average and above: Branda Aguilar, Arianna Avina, Gabby Baham, Octaviano Blanco, Luis Cervantes, Chad Cowsert, Arianna Dolge, Kelli Elston, Tyler Eyerly, Kyla Geisler, Stella Grear, Tate Halamka, Alexys Hess, Alyssa Hobson, Madalyn Hutchins, Jordan Leoni, Kara Liles, Klayton Marshall, Bill Pulley, David Robinson, Ariana Rowe, Alex Rye, Kara Safranek, Brian Schlender, Domanik Skidmore, Lamarrius Smith, Madison Smith, Logan Swigart, Ellie Troyer, Kylee Warren, Cara Woods.

Watervliet District Library holding Local Experts series; Edward Nash to present “How-To Brew” The Watervliet District Library is pleased to announce an upcoming event featuring Watervliet’s own Arclight Brewery Monday, March 12, 6:30-7:30 p.m. “How-To Brew” presented by Brewmeister Edward Nash will show attendees how delicious small-scale beer is made locally, and take everyone through a typical day’s procedures. Craft-made non-alcoholic beverages created by the Arclight will be available for tasting at the library. Following the presentation, everyone will be invited to the brewery for a behind-the-scenes tour. This program is the first in the library’s Local Experts series. No registration is required; the event is free and open to the public. Anyone requesting further information is asked to contact the library at 269-463-6382 or info@wdlib.org.

WATERVLIET SOUTH SCHOOL CHARACTER AWARDS… At South Elementary they are working on putting their South School pledge into action each day. For January they focused on learning about being cooperative. The “Cooperation” awards for January 2018 include (from the left): Violet Brown (2nd Grader in Mrs. Martin’s Class); Joseph Rodriguez (1st Grader in Mrs. Muth’s Class); Zulema Alvarado (1st Grader in Mrs. Melton’s Class); Baylee Flowers (Young 5’s student in Mrs. Wendt’s Class). Little Panthers… small but mighty!