03-14-2019 Letters and Commentary

GO AHEAD… BE IRISH… Take a look at Page 6 in this week’s issue for the rundown on all the good times this Saturday in Coloma, as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And as Coloma Mayor Jim Polashak might say, you don’t have to be Irish to come to town and have a good time.

COLORFUL KUTE KIDS… the Kute Kids feature is now printed in color, thanks to Karla Smothers, the Watervliet State Farm Insurance agent. The Kute Kids feature was created by Co-Publisher Anne Bayer more than 25 years ago. Why not have a special place to highlight all the cute kids we have in the town, she mentioned after a shift at the daycare center. We have a lot of sports pictures and news pictures but no pictures of the cute babies, she said on another occasion, cuddling grandbaby Willy (now 28). So, with just a handful of weeks without a baby picture, there have been almost 1,300 pictures of Kute Kids, a couple BIG KIDS and a pet or two. All printed in the hometown paper just because they were cute! Now thanks to Karla, we are embarking on a new era of Kute Kids pictured in color.

DAYLIGHT SAVING… Whether you like it or not, you moved your clocks ahead an hour by 2 a.m. Sunday last. And if there was any question, most of your digital devices were programmed to jump ahead on their own. So, with all the wind up and battery driven clocks handled and the digital stuff connected to the web and such, there really is no confusion to moving time forward. Not! Here it is mid-week and I’m still sleeping in to the “old” rising hour of 6 a.m., which is now 7 a.m. When I oversleep, I’m cutting in to the time I allow for watching the morning news shows. Tuesday was possibly the worst, I rolled over to look at the bedside clock and it read 6:55. The sun out the window was bright and risen over the trees and the lawn was covered with frost. All in all, I thought, a pretty morning. I lay in bed for a few minutes admiring the view when an inner alarm went off. It’s Tuesday morning and nearly 7:15! By the time you read this, hopefully my inner clock will have adjusted to the clock(s) that drives my (your) life!

Response to Jerry & Pam Wojtas from Travis Bolin Dear Wojtas family, How great it is to hear from you guys once again, it’s always nice to know that people still have an interest in the things that I do in this crazy and amazing game of baseball. I thought answering your questions in the Tri-City Record would be a good way to respond as that’s how you connected with me. So just to answer some of your questions that maybe other people in Watervliet would like to know as well. I am still playing professional baseball and trying to make a career out of a game that has given me so much and so many things I can be proud of. I am no longer with the Rangers and I am currently playing for the Joliet Slammers of the Frontier League. We won the Frontier League Championship last year and it was the best feeling in the world, an amazing accomplishment for me and all my boys on the Slammers. I am very excited to get the ring and put that bad boy on my finger. I am back in Watervliet now getting ready for my second full season with the Slammers of Joliet, Illinois to see if I can move my career further in the direction that I want to take it. I am reporting on the 29th of April and am eager to get back on the field with my team. Joliet is not where I thought I would be at this point in my career, but am so blessed and thankful to still be in this game, because like my dad says, “When it’s over it’s over, so enjoy every second,” and that’s what I’m going to do. I would like to say thank you to Pam and Jerry Wojtas for reaching out to me and asking how I am and how I’m doing, if you are in the area and want to see a game, get a hold of me and I will arrange the tickets. I am also encouraging anyone who wants to see me play a professional baseball game to do it, it’s a lot of fun and I can arrange tickets for anyone who wants to come. Travis Bolin EDITOR’S NOTE: Tri-City Record published a Letter to the Editor in the Feb. 28, 2019 issue from Pam and Jerry Wojtas of Surprise, Arizona inquiring the whereabouts of Travis Bolin. This is Travis’ response.

Reusable diapers have “life” after baby Dear Editor, I don’t know that this is really for your “Letters and Commentary” column, but I think that Mr. Bachman should check out the advantages that cloth diapers have over disposables. Cloth diapers are washable and, therefore, reusable. They are a one-time cost – even if you buy three or four dozen it’s much cheaper than one-time use diapers. Laundering diapers won’t pollute our ground waters, since all water going through our sewer systems is purified before being released. As for polluting our landfills… every mother that ever used cloth diapers knows that there are unlimited uses for them after the babies no longer need them! They are great for dusting, washing and polishing windows, wrapping collectibles or Christmas ornaments, washing cars, waxing and polishing cars, stuffing animal beds, or, as a last result, donate them so others can find a practical use for them. The trouble with disposable diapers, which take years to decompose, is that they, not cloth diapers, end up in great quantities in our landfills! Respectfully, Julia Smith, Coloma

Public input needed for County Parks Plan Berrien County Parks and Recreation officials are seeking public input on the development of the 2020-2024 Berrien County Parks Five Year Plan. The plan will cover Rocky Gap, Silver Beach, Love Creek, Madeline Bertrand, Paw Paw River, Historic Courthouse Square and Galien River County Parks, as well as the Red Arrow Linear Trail. Park officials invite the public to share their ideas at “Open House” style meetings on Wednesday, March 20, from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. before the Berrien County Parks Commission Meeting and after the meeting from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Love Creek County Park, 9292 Huckleberry Road, Berrien Center. Meetings will take place periodically at different locations around the County in 2019 to seek public input and ideas for Berrien County Parks’ future plans. The public is also invited to send written comments to: Berrien County Parks, 701 Main Street, St. Joseph MI, 49085 or email comments to parks@berriencounty.org. Please have written or emailed comments in by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Michiganders being warned about local public health calls scam Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon are warning Michiganders about phone scammers posing as public health officials. The warning comes during National Consumer Protection Week. Several health departments – including Central Michigan, Chippewa, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Midland, Mid-Michigan, Ottawa and Washtenaw – have received reports from residents about calls from individuals seeking personal information that could be used to steal someone’s identity. The callers claim to be from a local health department or Medicare and appear to be calling from health department phone numbers. Anyone who receives one of those calls should hang up immediately. No one should give out personal information to an unsolicited caller. “Scammers use every tool they have to take advantage of anyone they can,” Nessel said. “It’s important residents remember they should never give personal and confidential information to unsolicited callers. Simply hang up and report the call to our office.” “Local public health and Medicaid officials will not call you and request account information, Social Security numbers or passwords over the phone,” said Gordon. “If you receive one of these calls, we urge you to hang up.” Those who wish to make a report about these calls can do so by contacting the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection D