03-23-2017 Hartford Public Schools expands Math and Art Education programs; WHS Winterfest Royalty;

SKATE PARK TEARDOWN BEGINS… The skate park located in Watervliet’s Hays Park started being deconstructed Saturday, March 18 by Aaron Durand and Tim Schmidt; Schmidt is the owner of Schmidty’s Ramp and Camp in West L-fayette, Indiana. Schmidt and his crew travel to skate parks that are being demolished and salvage materials from the site. Materials are then taken back to West Lafayette for use in their own park. Deconstruction of the skate park in Watervliet would take three days, according to Durand. In this photo, Durand works to dismantle a platform. According to Deah Muth, project chairperson, construction of the new park is scheduled for May 1 – 5. Grand opening is planned for May 13; details will be announced at a later date. (TCR photo by Kristy Noack)

Hartford Public Schools expands Math and Art Education programs

By Nancy Albright

At the Hartford Public Schools Board of Education meeting on March 16, Woodside Elementary School Principal Brad Geesaman discussed the Eureka Math Program that Woodside and Red Arrow Elementary schools would like to implement as a new method of learning in the field of mathematics for the 2019 school year.

Education reports indicate that Eureka is the best alternative method of teaching math to K-5 students, and that the program can eventually be expanded to grades 6-8 once K-5 students learn the foundation of the program. The tool will then carry into high school, allowing students to better master upper level math instruction, such as algebra, geometry and calculus.

CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN… Staffers get a “first look” inside the new gymna-sium addition to Hartford’s Woodside Elementary. Superintendent Andy Hubbard (left) led the tour of the active construction site. Red Arrow Elementary Principal Ed Dickenson (right) will captain the new building under the new moniker of Redwood when the K-5 campus opens in the fall of 2017. Creative design work from Kingscott Architects incorporates a combination music room and stage as shown above, into a gym sized for a regulation basketball court, dual entry doors with an automated divider wall allowing simultaneous use for physical education classes while serving hot lunch from the expansive new kitchen. A P.E. office and changing rooms complete the gym, while visitors will enter the facility via a spacious and attractive lobby with HDTV message board and easy access adult-sized restrooms. (TCR photo by Jon Bisnett)

Eureka is not considered a curriculum, meaning that textbooks are not used. Rather, the model involves a series of modules designed to provide students with alternative methods of arriving at the correct answers by explaining to them how numbers work.

When asked by board member Mike Banic what prompted Mr. Geesaman and his staff to choose the Eureka method, he stated that, “This program allows instructors to teach alternative strategies on how to solve problems, dropping the traditional teaching of process. The program teaches students to manipulate numbers in a different way.”

In collaboration with six school districts, Woodside participated in a Eureka pilot program which resulted in teachers choosing the math tool they consider most beneficial to K-5 students. Red Arrow will participate in the pilot program during the upcoming school year.

Math instructors will participate in a comprehensive training program over the next two years prior to implementing Eureka, in order to help them effectively put the teaching method into practice.

Mr. Geesaman will request formal approval at the April school