03-23-2017 Letters and Commentary

Who is in charge of the electric company?

Dear Editor,

I am writing a book called Doing Business In Michigan. I have already written two books.

Today’s problem: Indiana Michigan Power. I came to work on February 22 and an employee for Indiana Michigan Power showed up telling me to pay this bill or they are going to shut off my electric. I told them that I had paid that bill on February 13 for the amount of $334.12 with check #6140. I was informed that they never received it and so I told them I could write another check. The employee told me no, that I could go to Harding’s Market in Coloma, Michigan and make a payment that day.

I made out another check and took it to Harding’s but they told me that they don’t accept checks for the electric or the gas companies. I went back to the store, wrote another check, cashed it at the bank then took the cash back to Harding’s. I paid them and told them to call it in before 8 a.m. the next morning but they told me that it takes at least five days for the payment to go through. Went back to my store then over to the bank; I cancelled the first check and the lady there called in my payment and got that bill paid.

I got a letter from Indiana Michigan Power on March 14, 2017. They tried to cash the check they said they never received. It cost me $30.00 to cancel that check and the electric company is charging me $15.00 on said check. I called two different numbers to get this straightened out. I could probably talk to a fence post and make more headway.

If there is anyone who is in charge of this electric company, please let me know.

Robert Taylor

Grant money is community money

Dear Editor,

God bless Watervliet and their new park. God knows Watervliet needs another park. I really don’t care.

One thing I do care about, however, is the attitude concerning the grant money for this park.  The attitude appears to be one of joy as if this money is coming from Heaven.  Wake up everyone; it was our money to begin with.

That money could have been allowed to remain in the community in the first place and Watervliet would have had more money for their park than what the government has decided to return to them.  You know how that works, we send $10 and get back $2 because we have to pay the administrative costs.


Dennis Bachman, Coloma

Thank you Meme

Dear Meme (Maryann Worl, Tri-City Record ad sales),

Thank you for letting me job shadow you. It was fun getting to see all the local businesses of Watervliet and Hartford. I also enjoyed getting to meet some of the business owners. Seeing the Tri-City Record archives was cool. Thank you for letting me job shadow you!

Love, Abby

Thank you for generosity

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Berrien County Trophy Toms chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation we would like to thank you fo