03-29-2018 Letters and Commentary

Go Fund Me for El Asadero Restaurant

Dear Editor,

Just an FYI, one of our Chamber members called me last week to let me know that the Mexican restaurant in Coloma, El Asadero, was struggling to reopen because of their fire and now has a Go Fund Me Page.  I have copied and pasted some text from that page in case you would like more information.

I know the fire has been devastating to their business, and wanted to help get the word out about this opportunity. They are trying to raise $10,000.

“On Monday February 19th, the unexpected happened and our business experienced a fire.  Fortunately our last customers of the evening had just left and our staff and family were able to get out on time.  We are very blessed and thankful the local fire departments were hosting a meeting nearby and were able to get to us quickly.  We would like to thank our friends, family and customers for their support during this difficult time.  Your comments on social media and direct messages have touched our lives already.

“We expected the repairs would be minimal, but the fire has caused major electrical issues that are more costly than originally projected.  Today we met with the insurance adjuster and the cost of repairs to the structure will not be covered under our business policy.

“We hope to repair the damage and reopen our restaurant as soon as possible; however, we find we need to reach out to the community for help.  Any donation is very much appreciated. We look forward to serving the Coloma community again soon.”

Sincerely, El Asadero Family


Chana Kniebes

North Berrien Community Development

Coloma Watervliet Area Chamber of Commerce

Shame, shame on you

Dear Editor,

I am a little disappointed that you allowed the letter about Rep. Kim LaSata to be published without a name.

Every one of us, including us nut jobs, have a right to our opinions. Most newspapers usually allow us enough rope to express our freedom of speech as long as we allow ourselves to be identified and take responsibility for our statements and actions.  Seems like you felt differently about this author who crafted a diatribe against many of us conservatives but wished to remain anonymous.

I have no problem with the criticism of LaSata’s “no show.” It remains with Rep. LaSata to respond as to why she didn’t show up. I do have a problem with the newspaper allowing such a broad insulting letter to be published without the signer’s name pursuant to your normal policy.

Perhaps I should ask for this letter to remain anonymous, but then again I try to practice what I believe in. I can take the heat and just let most insults roll off my back like a turtle.

Matt Moser, Coloma

Shame on them

Dear Editor,

It is a free country and we do have free speech.  How refreshing one of your readers wrote to you bashing one of the country’s elected officials for “chickening” out of appearing at a planned public meeting.  The writer of this letter should feel proud that they had the right to send you a letter and proud for it to be published.  Like that person I hate wasting my time, however, my time was wasting reading someone’s opinion when they “chicken” out and don’t have the guts to sign their name.  Who cares what anonymous has to say? Shame on them. If you believe in something, stand up and shout it from the roof tops. Don’t hide behind your mother’s dress.

Yes I would have sent this letter whether the official was Democrat, Libertarian or a chimpanzee.