04-18-2019 Coloma Schools receives security grant from Michigan State Police; Kute Kid; Hartford Ci

THIS KUTE KID IS… Grayson Gohr, at one month old. He is the son of Brionna Cowgill and Cameron Gohr of Watervliet. Grayson’s loving grandparents are Mary and Tim Fish of Hartford, and Amanda and Tim Cowgill and Debbie and Don Gohr all of Watervliet.

Coloma Schools receives security grant from Michigan State Police

By Annette Christie Just as they had hoped at their March School Board meeting, Coloma School District officials received that wish with the announcement that they are the recipient of a $173,306 grant from the Michigan State Police for school safety initiatives. Coloma Schools are one of 221 schools in the state that received similar grants. The funding received will be used to install a video surveillance system district wide as well as providing funds to place 800mHz Bidirectional Amplifiers throughout the district’s buildings to boost law enforcement and first responders radio signals which would eliminate areas within the buildings where radio signals are weak or non-existent. Just last month, the Coloma School Board approved a contract for a district wide video surveillance system, to be funded out of the Sinking Fund. Now with the grant award, they will be able to reallocate $127,570 to be used on another maintenance project on the district’s priority list. Voters approved a sinking fund millage request for 1.25 mills for up to 10 years for the purposes of providing repairs and maintaining their aged facilities as well as making security improvements. It allows them to forecast with a set number of funds coming in for a set number of years. The system will provide full coverage of all buildings in the district including areas that need certain surveillance. The system will include a video retrieval and viewing system, with easy maintenance and security. Coloma Community Schools would like to thank the Michigan State Police for awarding the grant to the district. In addition, they would like to thank the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department FEMA office and the Coloma Township Police Department for their assistance in completing the grant application process.

5 GENERATIONS… Baby Grayson Gohr, newest generation of the Cowgill family is held by Mom Brionna Cowgill. Other generations pictured are back row (from the left): Grandpa Timothy Cowgill, Great-great Grandad Don Hafer, and Great-Grandpa Gary Cowgill. To Grayson’s right is Grandma Amanda Cowgill and on his left is Great-Grandma Debbie Cowgill.

Hartford City approves new PNC ATM site

By Jon Bisnett Following a recommendation from the Planning Commission, Hartford City Commissioners gave unanimous approval on Monday, April 15 at their meeting to PNC Bank’s plan to install a free-standing drive-up ATM, in light of the closing of the local bank branch and potential sale of the building. The new ATM will be located in the southeast corner of the Family Dollar parking lot at 103 West Main and will include additional lighting which will provide additional coverage to the entrance of the adjacent Ely Park. Construction could be complete in as little as 30-45 days. Guests Kevin Marks, of Wightman & Associates, presented highlights of the recently completed Water Asset Management Plan. The plan, mandated by the Department of Environmental Quality, forecasts repair and maintenance needs over the next 20 years, projecting a $3.2 million expense during that time. Marks categorized the city water system in “good shape”, but reminded that as with any such system it is expected that costs will occur over time to keep the system running at its optimum. Marks also commented that if the city had to build the water system from scratch today it would cost around $11 million. To predict 25% of that cost for service over 20 years can easily be compared to updating, repair and maintenance of an automobile or home. Police Report Chief Tressa Beltran presented a written report detailing activity of 744 duty hours with seven foot-patrol hours which included 100 complaints for the month of March, resulting in 11 arrests including six felonies. Ordinance Officer Report A written report from Ordinance Officer Jim Coleman reports nine property inspections for the month of March. Blight postings for the month totaled 34 violations resulting in 34 follow-ups. Mayor Rick Hall again stated as in the prior month that he has things working behind the scenes in dealing with repeat offenders, but as before failed to share any specifics.