04-19-2018 Letters and Commentary

For the 32nd year, the Tri-City Record is sponsoring its “Best Mom” contest for Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018. On that day, a mother, grandmother, stepmother or best friend will receive a dozen red roses and many gifts from area merchants as the “Best Mom” of 2018. Selection of “Best Mom” is made by the staff of the Tri-City Record, based on the contents of a nominating letter submitted on behalf of the candidate. To enter that special lady in your life in the “Best Mom” competition, simply write a letter to the Editor of the Record. In 200 words or less, tell why she deserves to win the “Best Mom” title. Sign the letter and give your address and telephone number (don’t forget Mom’s name). Send your letter to: Tri-City Record, P.O. Box 7, Watervliet, MI 49098 or by email to record@tricityrecord.com. Deadline for the letter entry is Friday, May 11, at 12 noon. The “Best Mom” letter writer will be notified that day and the “Best Mom” will receive her red roses on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Her picture and the nominating letter will appear in the May 17, 2018 edition of the Record. All letters submitted for consideration will appear in the Record, as space allows, up to and after Mother’s Day. Previous letter writers may enter new letters! Correction In the April 12, 2018 issue of Tri-City Record on Page 10 in reporting the MYWAY Championship, it should have said that Trever Pelton won the MYWAY State Championship. Tri-City Record is sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this omission may have caused.

Correction to Planning Commission chairman name

Dear Editor, This is Joe Engel sending this in regards to the Vol. 136 Issue #15 [of the Tri-City Record]. Luke Strunk is not the Planning Commission Chairman as Annette [Christie] reported [in the Watervliet City Commission meeting of April 10, front page], I hold that position. And yes, the Planning Commission meeting April 30 at 7:00 p.m. will include a discussion on Medical Marijuana. We are looking forward to feedback from the public, so as Planning Commissioners we can make a good decision. At this time, I am unaware of the thinking of most Planners and or Commissioners as it pertains to Medical Marijuana. I will know more as the meeting approaches. Respectfully, Joe Engel EDITOR’S NOTE: Tri-City Record is sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this error may have caused.

Questions to Commission over loss of city manager

Dear Editor, I am asking these questions to the Watervliet City Commission because of my concern over the loss of yet another city manager. In the 1990s when I was mayor we would have loved to have a city manager but we were forced to do the work ourselves. How many more city managers must leave before elected officials learn to work together? How many more city managers must leave before elected officials realize that the prosperity and growth of our city are permanently damaged and that the Commission has become a laughing stock in the greater Watervliet area? How many more city managers must leave before the City Commission understands that a “committee style of city management” is incompatible with a “city manager style of management” and that the city manager is always the loser – as just happened a week ago? It is my sincere hope that the Commission quickly learns from their big mistakes, admit these mistakes and quick to rectify the harm they have done to their city. I hope for these things but I am also a realist. Sincerely, Daniel P. Schofield Jr.

Please withhold  my name

Dear Editor, Recent letters about people asking that their names be withheld has prompted me to write about my experience. Few years ago, I encouraged your readers to vote for the millage for the museum. But to my surprise, there are ugly and hateful people in the area who let me know in no uncertain terms that they did not agree with me. They did not sign their names to their letters! I don’t blame people who send letters and ask to have their names withheld. They only want to express and explain their own opinion. They don’t want backlash. If someone disagrees, then they should write a letter to the paper. Name withheld by request

Berrien County Trophy Toms thankful for support

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Berrien County Trophy Toms Chapter of The National Wild Turkey Federation we would like to thank you for posting our banquet in the Tri-City Record. We really appreciate what you do for us and the community. The monies we keep in this area are used to feed our local veterans a holiday meal and sponsor our kid’s fishing day. We also give away a $500 scholarship to a local youth. Again, thank you so very much. Karen Jasper, President Berrien County Trophy Toms

Take the thankful pill!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “thankful pill,” one t