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05-02-2019 Best Mom contest nominating letters

Best Mom contest nominating letters

“Best Mom” for 31 years Dear Editor, I would like to nominate my mom [Robin Hughes of Watervliet] for “Best Mom” of 2019. To put it simply, my mom is who I strive to be! My mom is someone who has made her life about others. My mom is not only a mom, who by the way made sure I had everything I needed and raised me to a good person, but she is also a daughter, a grandmother, a friend to many, and a business owner. My mom is caretaker for her mother, who is fighting stage 4 lung cancer; she cares for my daughter during the day while I am working a full-time teaching job, and keeps their tree business up and running! Some days I see the stress in her eyes, but never once does she complain or falter. Many say that I look like her and am more like her every day, and my response to them is, “I am pretty darn lucky”. My mom hasn’t just been the “Best Mom” of 2019, but rather the past 31 years! I love you, mama!! Brandy Johnson, Watervliet

Deserving for her love, understanding & generosity Dear Editor, I wish to nominate Athalie Hansen as the 2019 Best Mother/ Mother-in-law/ Grandmother of the Year competition. In many ways, Athalie exemplifies the embodiment of motherhood to three generations. To her six brothers and one sister, who through the years have affectionately referred to her as “Sis”, for her love, understanding, and generosity. Family is important to her, as was true with her own family, with husband Carl Hansen. They had two daughters, Susan and Laurie, also learned and in turn emulated the same love, understanding and generosity. When Laurie and I were dating, I was treated as one of the family, as were my parents. After my mother passed in 1988 and Laurie and I wed in 1991, Athalie became more than just a mother-in-law. I witnessed that same love, understanding and generosity, as she was an integral part of the success of our sons, Eric and Ryan. They have come to know Athalie’s PRICELESS love, understanding and generosity. Athalie’s love of family truly shines through, especially when her grandsons and now also granddaughters-in-love come to visit. I am in awe of this nonagenarian. Bruce Kibler, Watervliet

Best mom anyone could ask for Dear Editor, I think my wonderful mother should be the “Best Mom”. This past year my mother Paula Rushing has been through the ringer. My dad left her after 40 years of marriage and she has been devastated. But being as that may, my mother has gone above and beyond to make sure EVERYONE in our small circle is okay – myself and my family, my brother, and his family. My mother has always put her children and grandkids before herself. She is my best friend and the best grandma in the entire world. She would give you the shirt off her back. She’s a rock I wish every child would have in life, a human who would give the world even when her own is falling. I love my mother dearly and she is most positively the best mom we could EVER ASK FOR! Sincerely, Shawna Craig

Cream of the Crop Dear Editor, I would like to nominate Amy Gunderson into the “Best Mom” competition. What can I say about Amy Gunderson? Words cannot express why I think she should be “Best Mom”. She is a woman that has raised three wonderful and amazing young men. Not only that but she has opened her heart to my two children as well as their sibling. He may not be blood but that doesn’t matter in our eyes. The words “step”, “half”, or “guardian” means nothing. When you ask Amy whose child is this, her response is always ‘that is my son/daughter’. She is an ear to hear their problems, a shoulder to cry on, eyes to watch over them, and an engine to keep them going. I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to being there (to the best of her ability) at every school function, sporting event, and every milestone each child has. Like I said, blood is just a “type” to her. Amy has sacrificed so much for all six children. I couldn’t ask for a better role model for my children. Everyone says they have the “Best Mom” but in my eyes and heart I think we have the “cream of the crop”. Sincerely, Raymond T. Gunderson, Riverside

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