05-02-2019 Hartford Township enacts salvage yard ordinance; Whirlpool Spring Appliance Sale to offer

Hartford Township enacts salvage yard ordinance

By Jon Bisnett A vague poorly written Hartford Township ordinance dating back to 1971 regarding the township’s salvage yards operations has now been replaced with a much more succinct updated ordinance providing clear guidelines of common practice for the three salvage facilities located within the township borders. A sole resident complaint in the latter quarter of 2018 prompted the Township to review the matter. Following some initial legal push-back from the salvage yard owners, the Township drafted and approved Ordinance #46 otherwise known as The Hartford Township Salvage Yard Ordinance. It was supported unanimously at the regular April meeting on Thursday, Apr. 11 of the Township Board. The 4-page document deals primarily with safety and environmental concerns. An earlier version of the proposal sought to limit hours of operation, but was removed from the final version. It was deemed a legal “slippery slope” considering the comparative agricultural operations of the Township. Those operations often keep odd hours in support of their livelihood due to the unpredictable nature of seasonal weather affecting the time and day of the week operations are performed. The main talking point of the new ordinance is in regard to visual screening as follows: “All outdoor storage or processing of materials shall be screened from adjoining property and public highways by a hedge, fence or other natural or artificial barrier. Such screening shall be constructed and maintained in an attractive manner, shall be at least eight (8) feet high, and shall be of sufficient density and height to accomplish the substantial screening of the outdoor operations from adjoining properties and public highways. Fencing in place prior to the adoption of this ordinance shall be grandfathered in.” An annual permit in the amount of $25 is required, with violations of the ordinance defined as a civil infraction under the following penalties: First offense within three-year period $150; Second offense within three-year period $225; Third offense within three-year period $325; Fourth and subsequent offense within three-year period at $500. Of the three yards located in the Township at 65257 Red Arrow Hwy, 52nd Avenue, and 5400 65-1/2 Street, two operate on a limited appointment only basis. Hartford Auto Salvage on 65-1/2 Street is actively engaged in both salvage and recycling activity. 2019 major road projects At a subsequent special meeting held the following evening, the Township board set the slate of road projects for the summer. Deberming operations are planned for the following roads currently ranked as 1s & 2s: 59-1/2 Street from 52nd Avenue to 48th Avenue; 60th Street from 61st Avenue to 60th Avenue; 61st from 62nd Street to 60th Street; 62nd Street from 61st Avenue to Red Arrow; 62nd Avenue from 63rd Street to 60th Street; 62nd Street from 52nd Avenue to 48th Avenue; 67-1/2 Street from 66th Avenue to gravel; and Butcher Road from 59-1/2 Street to CR681. At a cost of $2,100 per mile this section of just over seven miles has a total project expense of $14,805. A longer list of roads defined by the county as 3s and 4s will also see deberming as follows: 56th Avenue from Co. Line to dead end; 70th Street from Dwight Boyer to Rush Lake; 59-1/2 Street from Red Arrow to 52nd Avenue; 62nd Avenue from CR687 to 63rd Street; 62nd Street from 72nd Avenue to 62nd Avenue; 68th Avenue from 62nd Street to 60th Street; 66th Avenue from 63rd Street to 60th Street; 65th Street from Red Arrow to City Limits; 66th Avenue from Co. Line to 67th Street; 66th Street from 66th Avenue to dead end; 67-1/2 Street from CR372 to 56th Avenue; 67-1/2 Street from Red Arrow to dead end; 67th Street from CR362 to 68th Avenue; including the loops of both Espaw-kaw and Springdale Manor. The 16.3-mile stretch comes in at a cost of $34,230.

Sealcoating Additional sealcoating will be applied once deberming is complete. At a significantly higher cost per mile of $17,500, the 7-mile section of the project totals $127,372.50, while the larger 16.3 section cost will be $293,282.50 putting the grand total just under $480,000 in pursuit of preserving and improving the Township’s roads.

Whirlpool Spring Appliance Sale to offer discounted appliances to the public May 18-19

Get a great deal for a great cause! Whirlpool Corporation will be selling over 300 deeply discounted appliances on Saturday, May 18 (8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) and Sunday, May 19 (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) at the Benton Harbor Tech Center: 151 N. Riverview Drive in Benton Harbor. The sale, which is open to the public, will include Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and Whirlpool brand ovens, ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and washers and dryers. There will also be several Gladiator and KitchenAid small appliances offered at exclusive prices. “This event generated more than $160,000 during last spring’s Appliance Sale,” said Gokul Nair, Whirlpool Corporation’s Senior Manager of Global Operations. “You’ll see average discounts of more than 40% on some incredible appliances. And it’s all to impact our local community.” Proceeds from the sale of new, discontinued, refurbished and obsolete product, in original packaging with a full one-year warranty, go to Whirlpool Corporation’s 2019 Employee United Way campaign. All products purchased must be picked up during sale hours. For an additional $100 donation per appliance, home deliveries will be available within a 15-mile radius. Cash and credit cards will be accepted for payment. No checks will be accepted. There will be no early sales. Take neighbors, friends and relatives to shop—and help United Way of Southwest Michigan!


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