05-03-2018 Letters and Commentary

VOTE TUESDAY… Make sure to vote Tuesday in your local school election. Voters in the Coloma and Watervliet school districts, as well as Dowagiac, will vote on important millage issues that will impact the children attending those schools. See the story in this week’s Record that explains the millage issues up for a vote in those districts. It is up to all the citizens in those districts to decide the future and direction of education in our schools by voting on funding issues as presented by the School Boards.

BEST MOM… Mother’s Day is just a couple weeks away, so there is plenty of time to plan something special for your mom. If you are inclined, you may enter your mother in the Record’s Best Mom letter contest. The rules are on Page 8 as are a myriad of great gift ideas for that great lady. Remember your mother this Mother’s Day, May 13.

BONUS ISSUE… later this month is the Record’s annual Bonus Issue. A copy of the Record will be mailed to all postal patrons in the Tri-City Area on May 24, just in time for the Memorial Holiday weekend. The Bonus Issue, which has evolved into a welcome to summer theme, will have stories which feature the best of the Tri-City Area, including the Hartford Strawberry Festival, the Watervliet Independence Weekend Celebration and the Coloma Glad-Peach Festival. Also on tap will be stories on the local farm stands, recreation areas, summer sports, and special attractions. If you have a business, special event, or organization you would like to promote to the readers of the Tri-City Record, the Bonus Issue is the ideal opportunity. Contact me here at the Record at 463-6397 or email to record@tricityrecord.com. I will be happy to help you be included in this special issue. Deadline for inclusion is Friday, May 18.

Checklist for your Social Security annual checkup

Say “annual checkup” and most people imagine waiting at the doctor’s office. There’s another type of checkup that can give you a sense of wellness without even leaving home. Visit www.socialsecurity.gov and follow these five steps to conduct your own Social Security annual checkup. Your Soci