05-10-2018 Best Mom Letters

Best Mom letters

“Best Mom” nominee is a blessing from God Dear Editor, I’d like to nominate Carol Kibler as the “Best Mom.” Carol is the most selfless, caring, gracious and loving mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. She will drop any and everything to come to your rescue. Anyone who knows her knows they can count on her. Her children and grandchildren are so grateful to have her in their lives. She has the biggest heart of gold and the warmest smile. Her love for her family is backed by her strong faith and she shares that love with us every single day. GOD has truly blessed us with an amazing woman. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama/Nana! We love you, Tina, Joe, Macaela, Bella & Max Mike, Karrie, Alex, Larsen & Kayl

“Best Mom” nominee is backbone of family Dear Editor, The “Best Mom” I’d like to nominate is my grandmother, Sharon Elston. She is the most absolutely amazing woman I’ve ever known. After raising her own three kids she took in my brothers and me and raised us at a time when she and my grandpa should have been enjoying themselves. Every year she made sure the four of us had school clothes, school supplies, lunch money and whatever we needed even when she had to struggle to do so. Even now she always makes sure her grandkids and great-grandkids have everything they may need. Even though she has her health problems she still goes to work every day as an in-home caregiver because she loves helping others any way she can. My grandmother constantly puts everyone above herself so I feel she deserves this to show her how much we all love her and appreciate everything she does. She is the backbone of our family and I look up to her in every way. Erica Shafer, Hartford