05-10-2018 Keeler Township discusses ballot placement for police, fire and road millage renewals; Ke

LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES serving Berrien County were honored by being chosen to receive the Friend of Public Health Award for 2018 at a recent ceremony. Pictured (from the left) are: Lt. Melinda Logan (Michigan State Police), Peg Kohring (Berrien County Board of Health Chair), Sheriff Paul Bailey (Berrien County Sheriff’s Department), Chief Dan Unruh (Berrien County Police Services Council), First Lt. Michael Dawson (Michigan State Police), Nicki Britten (Berrien County Health Department Health Officer). See the Health Department column “For your health & safety” on Page 2 for more information on this event.

Keeler Township discusses ballot placement for police, fire and road millage renewals

By Annette Christie Keeler Township officials discussed the timing of some upcoming ballot proposals at their Tuesday, May 1 meeting. The board had previously approved placing the police, fire, and road millage renewals on the August ballot. All three millage will expire in 2019. Supervisor Bill Kays led discussion by noting that they don’t need to do it right now and with the number of ballot issues coming up in August and November they might want to reconsider the timing. Clerk Carl Davis noted that there will not be any elections in the off year. There seemed to be some concern that putting it with other ballot issues could perhaps hinder their success at passing. Treasurer Barb Fisher commented that she would like to see them just do this right now adding that if they do it in August and it does fail they could still put it on the November ballot. The board concurred and the millage renewals will be on the August ballot. All three millage are for 2019-2022. The board will be asking for the Fire Services Millage to be renewed at 1.00 mill; the Police Millage to be renewed at .75 mill; and the Road Millage to be renewed at 1.00 mill.

Scheduled road work The Keeler Township Board has approved their 2018 Road Improvement Program which includes the following seal coating projects: 80th Avenue from CR687 West to County Line Road, 2.91 miles estimated at $49,470; 77th Avenue from CR687 East to CR681, 3.01 miles estimated at $51,170; 66th Street from the corner of M-152 to 90th Avenue, .5 miles estimated at $9.250. Including the gravel, hot mix, mowing, dust control, and miscellaneous ditching, all of the township’s projects total $172,000.

Keeler Fire Department fund-raiser

The Keeler Township Fire Department will host a Pancake Breakfast on May 12 for a Keeler Township resident who is struggling with some medical issues. The hours will be from 8 a.m. to noon. Chief Don Bogart said of local business owner Jeff Halliburton, “He has been very supportive of us and we just want to return the favor.” The funds raised will go to help him and his family with medical bills and associated expenses. The Keeler Twp. Fire had a busy month for April. They responded to 22 calls, 16 medical and 6 fire calls. None of the fires were in Keeler Twp. They were assists to Decatur, Hartford, and North Berrien. Bogart noted that the conditions are very dry and FEMA has put out a high fire warning.

Van Buren County Sheriff coverage Van Buren County Deputy Ray Hochsprung reported, during the month of April he worked 16 days in the township. He worked on 27 complaints of which 11 were criminal. Hochsprung did make one felony arrest for a sex offender registration violation. The subject is a suspect in numerous other crimes both in Cass and Van Buren counties. He is currently lodged in the Van Buren County Jail and the investigation continues.