05-10-2018 Letters and Commentary

Hartford float a winner

Dear Editor, When Judy Loomis posted pictures of Hartford’s Blossomtime float entry on Facebook, our Tri-Cities were so excited we all shouted that it should be a 1st Place winner. Congratulations Hartford! What a beauty, winner of the “Sweepstakes Award” Saturday, and paying tribute to our local pride, the Hartford Fair. It made us all proud! (P.S. Hope it will also be at the Glad-Peach Parade!) Les and Becky Burford

What kind of person steals from the dead? Dear Editor, To the person who stole the cement vase from the grave of my mother, Agnes Crowell Arnett, I know you might have thought that she was not loved or did not have family to care. But we did. After so many family deaths I could not face the cemetery last year. You see, she couldn’t be sent back to the family grave site because she had given her place to her first grandchild who died young. Faye Rouse


Dear Editor, Regrettably, the Watervliet Pickleball Program hosted by St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Watervliet has come to an end. We are grateful to many for its success. First, our thanks to Father John Peter, our Pastor at the time, and the Parish Council; they saw the value of using a perfect venue, an empty gym, to benefit the community. Father John was all about service to the community, and he loved to play Pickleball! Second, our thanks to Jim Hoag, Mr. Pickleball; he set us up with equipment, laid out the courts, added us to the PB website, and as a qualified coach has taught America’s fastest growing sport to many eager beginning athletes. Our thanks also to the Watervliet Hardware and Bryan Conrad who donated Wiffle balls as we broke them. Thank you to our paper, the Tri-City Record, and the H-P for publicizing this activity. Many players told us they saw “it” in the paper. Finally, thank you to over 100 of you, who have come through our doors, for your participation and the incredible camaraderie over the past three years. For those of you who intended to stop in and “get in shape” by playing this great game you can still play at Coloma High School on Monday and Wednesday evenings until the summer recess and the South Haven First Baptist Church every morning and Thursday evenings. Mary and Chuck Adams, Coloma

Coloma Post Office asks community this Saturday to Stamp Out Hunger Support the nation’s largest single-day food drive

On Saturday, May 12, the National Association of Letter Carriers, United States Postal Service and other partners are asking the community of Coloma to Stamp Out Hunger. This is the 26th anniversary of the food drive, which has grown into a national effort that provides assistance to the millions of Americans struggling to put food on the table. The Stamp Out Hunger food drive, held on the second Saturday in May, has become the nation’s largest single-day food drive. In 2017, generous Americans donated more than 71 million pounds of food, feeding millions of people. This was the 14th consecutive year of at least 70 million pounds collected by letter carriers, bringing the grand total to more than 1.5 billion pounds of food collected, since the Food Drive began in 1993. “We’re proud to continue this community tradition as we prepare for the 26th annual food drive,” said Postmaster Marilyn Wassell. “We’re asking residents for their support to help make this another successful year. It’s easy to make a donation: simply leave a bag of nonperishable food items by the mailbox to help your neighbors in need.” The need for food assistance exists in every community in America. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 50 million Americans are food insecure, meaning they live at risk of hunger. Perhaps most alarming is the fact that nearly 16 million children in America are struggling with hunger. Additionally, close to 5 million seniors face choices between paying rent, utilities, and having nutritious food. To participate in the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive residents are encouraged to leave a sturdy bag containing nonperishable food items such as canned soup, canned vegetables, peanut butter, pasta, rice or cereal next to their mailbox prior to the time of regular mail delivery on Saturday, May 12. Letter carriers will collect these food donations as they deliver the mail and take them to local food banks. For more news about the Stamp Out Hunger food drive, visit www.nalc.org/community-service/food-drive. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

Stomp Out Trafficking

On Friday, May 4, students from the Van Buren Technology Center (VBTC), Early Childhood Careers and Education (ECCE) program presented a check for $1,400 to Cathy Knauf, founder of the Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force. Students, Anahi Vargas and Jennifer Fabian have spent the last eight months working on their Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) community service project and their goals were met. Anahi and Jennifer’s goal was to raise awareness of human trafficking as much as possible. They facilitated a number of fund-raisers to be able to rent two billboards for awareness and prevention. More importantly, they met their ultimate goal of raising enough money for the billboards. The billboards were created by Anahi and Jenny, and selected by the Task Force from a number of other choices. The billboards can be seen at the I-94 and I-196 interchange going toward Benton Harbor, and the I-196 and M43 interchange going toward South Haven. Anahi and Jenny will be attending the FCCLA National Conference to present “Stomp Out Trafficking” at the end of June. During the last eight


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