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05-14-2020 Public Notices

BIG W LAWN CARE Hartford $25 for typical town size lawn. Includes mowing, trimming. Call or Text 269-910-0979

(05-14, 05-21, 05-28-20 TCR)

NOTICE OF REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE SALE FORECLOSURE BY ADVERTISEMENT THIS FIRM MAY BE A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION WE OBTAIN WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT THE NUMBER BELOW IF YOU ARE IN ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY. ATTENTION PURCHASERS: THIS SALE MAY BE RESCINDED BY THE FORECLOSING MORTGAGEE. IN THAT EVENT, YOUR DAMAGES, IF ANY, SHALL BE LIMITED SOLELY TO THE RETURN OF THE BID AMOUNT TENDERED AT SALE, PLUS INTEREST. mortgage sale – Default having been made in the performance of obligations and terms of a Mortgage dated January 23, 2013, given by Shull Real Estate Investments LLC, a Michigan limited liability company, 4144 Hailey Drive, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085, Mortgagor, to Max E. Shull, Trustee of the Max E. Shull Family Trust dated July 14, 1997, 10150 South Grant Avenue, Claire, Michigan 48617, Mortgagee, recorded January 23, 2013, in Liber 3023, Page 2734, Berrien County Records, and there is claimed to be due, for principal, interest and fees, the sum of $502,149.99 as of March 18, 2020, together with interest thereafter at the rate of 3.0% and costs of enforcement, including attorney fees. No suit or proceedings at law has been instituted to recover such debt or any portion thereof. NOW, THEREFORE, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by virtue of the power of sale contained in the Mortgage, and pursuant to the statutes of the State of Michigan in such case made and provided, that on the21stday of May, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. EST, said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale at public action to the highest bidder at the Berrien County Courthouse, 811 Port Street, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085 (that being the building where the Circuit Court for the County of Berrien is held) of the premises described in such Mortgage, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the amount due, as aforesaid, on said Mortgage, with interest thereafter at the rate of 4.0%, and all legal costs, charges and expenses, including attorneys fees allowed by law, and also any sum or sums which may be paid by the undersigned necessary to protect its interest in the premises. Said premises aresituated in the City of St. Joseph, County of Berrien, and State of Michigan, described as follows: That part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 34, Town 4 South, Range 19 West, City of St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan, described as Commencing at the East Quarter Corner of said Section 34; thence North 88º18’57” West, along the North line of said Southeast Quarter, 1324.50 feet; thence South 01º44’14” West, 663.57 feet to a point on the South line of Lake Shore Heights, according to the Plat thereof, recorded in Liber 13 of Plats, Page 37 of Berrien County Records; thence South 01º38’28” West, 45.98 feet (platted South 00º03’ West, 46 feet); thence North 88º43’11” West (platted South 89º36’ West), 649.92 feet to the Southeast Corner of Lot 42, said Plat and the point of beginning of the parcel of land herein described; thence continuing North 88º43’11” West, along said South line of the Westerly extension thereof, 438.59 feet to the center line of Lake Shore Road; thence South 22º34’08” West, along said centerline, 220.45 feet; thence South 88º30’36” East, 395.59 feet; thence South 01º29’24” West, 100.00 feet to the Northwest Corner of Lot 14, Assessor’s Plat No. 1, City of St. Joseph, according to the plat thereof, recorded in Liber 22 of Plats, Page 34, Berrien County Records; thence North 23º11’20” East, 330.74 feet to the point of beginning. Tax Parcel Number:11-76-0034-0089-04-0. Commonly known as: 3205 Lakeshore Drive, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085. The Mortgagor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to adjourn the sale in accordance with the statute made and provided. The redemption period shall be six (6) months from the date of said sale, unless abandoned under MCL 600.3241, in which case the redemption period shall be one (1) month, or under MCL 600.3241a, 30 days from the date of such sale, or 15 days from the MCL 600.3241a(b) notice, whichever is later, or extinguished pursuant to MCL 600.3238. If the above-referenced property is sold at a foreclosure sale under Chapter 32 of Act 236 of 1961, under MCL 600.3278, the borrower will be held responsible to the person who buys the property at the mortgage foreclosure sale or to the mortgage holder for damaging the property during the redemption period.

Dated:April 20, 2020

Jeffrey R. Holmstrom, P29405 Attorney for Mortgagee, Max E. Shull Family Trust Holmstrom Law Office, PLC 830 Pleasant Street, Suite 100 St. Joseph, Michigan49085 (269) 983-0755

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF VAN BUREN File No 2020-1009-DE Estate of Percy John Crumb, Deceased , Date of Birth April 18th, 1930 TO ALL CREDITORS: ** NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Percy John Crumb, died December 19, 2019. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Mark E. Crumb, personal representative, or to both the probate court at 212 East Paw Paw Street, #220 Paw Paw , Michigan 49079 and the personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice.

05/07/2020 Mark E. Crumb 69201 66th Avenue Watervliet, Michigan 49098

John C. Postelli P-40255 170 N. Paw Paw Street, P.O. Box 295 Coloma, MI 49038 269-468-3010 (05-14-2020 TCR)

Public Notice City of Hartford County of Van Buren State of Michigan The City of Hartford Commissioners at the May 11, 2020 Commission meeting adopted Ordinance No. 320-2020. An Ordinance to repeal Ordinance No. 318-19 of the City of Hartford and to set rules for establishing and opening a recreational marihuana establishment or other regulated activity authorized by the rules promulgated by the State in the City of Hartford, as allowed by provisions of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation or Marihuana Action; Initiated Law 1 of 2018 (MRTMA). Copies of the ordinance in it’s entirety are available in the clerk’s office. RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht, Clerk City of Hartford 19 W Main St Hartford MI 49057 269-621-2477 269-621-2054 (05-14-2020 TCR)


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