05-17-2018 Tri-City History Page

The Paw Paw River Journal

The original hipster The term “hipster” became popular in the 1960s. It was used to denote one who is in the know. One who is up on the latest things. Well, I know about hips because I broke one. It happened while we were in assisted living. Late night, and moonlight dappled tree shadows on the rug in our apartment at Maple Lake Assisted Living. I got up to go to the bathroom, and on the way back something happened. I don’t know what. Did I trip? Or did my hip break and make me fall. Immediately Marion called out, “are you all right?” “No,” I replied, “I can’t move my leg.” And I couldn’t. The EMTs were there almost immediately and had me stabilized to go to the hospital. In 14 hours I had a new hip and was in the recovery room at Bronson Hospital. My surgeon said, “The sooner you get it done, the less recovery time.” A matter of fact, in three days out of the hospital, but that was only the beginning. I had to go to rehab for three weeks and that was a long time. Marion and I talked on the phone several times a day, but we missed being together. Happy the day we had a conference in my room and they told me I had made so much progress I could go back to our apartment at Maple Lake. The hip feels as good as new, but I have had to practice walking using a walker. We both have physical therapists work with us now, and we are making progress. As I look back on the experience, I can see that I had the best of care. And an interesting side note… my surgeon, Dr. Roberts, did an excellent job. Turns out he knows the surgeon I had 25 years ago when my new knee was installed. That doctor is now retired, and my hip surgeon is a good friend of that doctor’s grandson. They did part of their training together, and all seem to have had the best education and experience possible. This new hip experience has made me think back to the time I had my knee replaced. Same side, and now the whole thing is bionic. One difference… I don’t think I bounced back this time as fast. Well, I’m 25 years older now, and that could make a difference. I remember so well back then, the new knee was very painful. A cute little therapist was showing me how to exercise. She said, “Now I’m going to show you these exercises, but I’m not going to do them for you. They are going to hurt, and I don’t want you to hate me.” “When I get it all back, will I be able to disco?” “You sure will!” “Good,” I said, “because I never could before!” In this life one of the most important rites of passage is learning to drive. Another part of that same rite is knowing when to stop driving. I realized with this hip problem I had reached that point. I might have known the handwriting was on the wall when we went to dinner a while before that. The Chief Accountant and I drove over to St. Joe to have dinner with a dear friend. We met her at Papa Vino’s and enjoyed a most scrumptious meal. In fact, we lingered long after we were finished, just talking. And we found some common connections with our waitress… had a great time just visiting, and it was past the noon hour rush… no one waiting for our table. They fed us so well. We had leftovers which the waitress put in boxes for us. We left; and as I started across the parking lot to unlock our car, one of my boxes slipped and fell to the ground. I leaned over to pick it up, and something happened. Don’t know how, I just tipped over the rest of the way and ended up in a heap. Two nearby girls rushed over and retrieved my fallen box. A young Hispanic man helped me to my feet and over to the car. On the way, he said, “Are you sure you are all right?” I said, “Yeah, I’m fine!” I thanked him, unlocked and got into the car, with the girls right behind me. The young man looked so worried. He said again, “Are you sure you are all right to drive?” He was so anxious and almost wringing his hands. I said, “I’m fine, just lost my balance. See? My arms and legs work perfectly!” … and I waggled each of my four limbs to show him. Then I thanked him again, and he walked off. I was so embarrassed! As we left the parking lot, I was a little distracted and thinking is it time? No! And I’ll fight it to the bitter end! But the handwriting was on the wall! A few years ago we threw a party for a young friend of ours. We wanted to make it special, so we hired a Greek belly dancer to entertain him. Her husband and manager just happened to be a former student of mine! The young friend was suitably impressed. As we all watched the dancer gyrate around the room, the young friend remarked, “Life’s a bitch… then you die!” No, no! I’m not going to think that! Life is still rich, and we are still weaving golden threads into the tapestry of our storybook towns along the Paw Paw River!

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