05-24-2018 Coloma American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 362, to hold Poppy Drive this week

HARTFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL HONOR STUDENTS joined forces with the members of American Legion Post # 533 to place over 700 American Flags to honor veterans at Maple Hill and Pioneer Cemetery. Post Commander Ruben Mireles (upper right) said the students really did an outstanding job despite a touch of rain. (TCR Photo by Jon Bisnett)

Coloma American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 362, to hold Poppy Drive this week

Post World War I, men and women of the armed forces banded together as the American Legion to carry forward their services to the country in peacetime. The women of those servicemen wanted to assist them, which resulted in the establishment of the National American Legion Auxiliary in 1919. Membership in the Auxiliary is comprised of women who are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters of members of living or deceased veterans whose service qualifies them to be a member of the American Legion. In addition, women who of their own rights are eligible to membership in the American Legion are also eligible for the Auxiliary. According to Unit 362 Auxiliary historian Karen Urch, the first meeting of the Coloma Auxiliary was held on February 16, 1926, above a plumbing shop. In 1947, the Post Commander, William Bale, announced that the Auxiliary was welcome to use the American Legion Post club house. The Coloma Auxiliary disbanded in 1952 and reformed in 1965. It continues to the present. A founding purpose of the American Legion Auxiliary is to provide for the welfare of veterans and their families. The widely recognized Poppy Drive is a major source of funds for this purpose. Coloma Auxiliary will be holding its Poppy Drive on Thursday, May 24, through Saturday, May 26, 2018. Coloma Auxiliary, American Legion, and Sons of the American Legion members will be collecting donations at Harding’s Friendly Market in Coloma, and both Coloma and Watervliet Wesco gas stations. Coloma Auxiliary greatly appreciates the community’s help and support for our veterans. Sons of the American Legion (SAL), the male descendants, adopted sons, and stepsons of members of the American Legion, and male descendants of veterans who died in service during World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Persian Gulf War, and the War on Terrorism at Post 362 was chartered in 1973. Mark Urch, adjutant for the SAL reports that their largest public event is during Coloma’s Glad-Peach Festival. This year will be SAL’s 27th annual Glad-Peach Fest. They serve food and drinks on Friday, August 3, and offer a steak fry on Saturday evening, August 4. The public is welcome and they appreciate the support of the Tri-City Area during the festival.

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Bainbridge Twp. approves road work projects and computer server update

By Angela Stair The Bainbridge Township Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting on Monday, May 14. Township Supervisor Bill Hodge announced two meetings on May 16 and noted they were informational meetings only, not public hearings on Potes Drain (4:00 p.m.) and Dakin/Peters Drain (7:00 p.m.). The Board discussed and approved the following road work for 2018. Danneffel Road will be worked on from M-140 to County Line, a total of 2.02 miles. HMA will be added as needed up to a rate of 50 tons per mile and then Sealcoat. The cost to the Township is approximately $27,600. The Berrien County Road Department cost would be $6,000.

Biastock Road will be worked on from Territorial to North Branch, a total of 1.52 miles. HMA will be added as needed up to a rate of 50 tons per mile, then Sealcoat. Cost to the Township is estimated at $20,200 and the Road Department’s cost will be $4,400. Hochberger Road will be worked on from Meadowbrook to Township Line, a total of 0.5 miles. Proposed work is to grind existing roadbed and add six inches of 22A road gravel, grade and level then add prime and double seal. Cost for the Township is estimated to be $17,600 and the Road Department cost is $4,500. After extended discussion the Board also approved work to be done on Gordons Curve, a total of 0.43 miles. It will get Sealcoat at a cost of $9,300 for the Township and $1,000 for the Road Department. The Township had budgeted $44,000 for road work this year and approved appropriating an additional $40,000 out of the equity fund to finance the road work.

Ordinance amendment approved The Board approved the amending of Section 13 of the 2010 Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance No. 53. Clerk Patty Hiler-Molter explained that the amendment was a basic cleaning up of the Ordinance, by removing the districts so it would be a stand-alone Ordinance.

Roofing bids reviewed As part of the Township’s annual maintenance the Board had asked for estimates to replace the roof on the Township Hall; the back entrance had quite a bad leak last winter that caused some damage. Supervisor Hodge presented the Board with two bids to consider for the job. One was from Ken Daugherty Roofing, Siding & Gutters L.L.C. out of Benton Harbor, in the amount of $10,900. The second one was from Future Construction located on Bainbridge Center in Watervliet, in the amount of $12,430. After discussing the two bids, the Board decided to go with Future Construction. Clerk Hiler-Molter suggested a few small maintenance items that needed to be considered also. She said the handicap ramp has some cracks in the cement that should be taken care of. The ceiling in the back entrance needs repair and painting from the leak last winter. The Supervisor said he could do both; and joked that it was sounding more like a ‘Bill do list’ than a maintenance list. The Clerk also listed the lobby where it had to be patched due to the new drop box and security system being put in. She suggested it be given a fresh coat of paint. She asked the Trustees to see if the accumulation of old paint could be taken to the next recycle event to be held.

Computer server proposal The Supervisor presented the Board with the proposal for replacement of the computer server and updating. He referred to the Clerk to explain the proposal. The original proposal was for the amount of $11,025. Clerk Hiler-Molter said she has worked considerably with the proposal to get a more reasonable price. The requisite hardware and the requisite software licensing that are necessary total $8,325. Hiler-Molter explained, the recommended hardware at first thought could wait for later, but during the audit last year, the auditors had a lot of trouble working at the Township because their hardware was so out of date. During the last election held at the Hall a similar problem occurred and the Clerk had a hard time sending the election results in. Considering that, she felt the hardware was also needed, with the exception of the Sonic Wall. After removing subscriptions at $550 and the Sonic Wall at $950 she was able to bring the total price down to $10,475. After a brief discussion of the proposal and the needs for it, the Board approved the proposal from J.P. Gillen & Associates out of Mishawaka, Indiana for $10,475. Other business The Board approved the purchase of a Surface Pro Tablet for the Assessor to do his field work. To get the size he would need an estimate is between $799 and $1,299. The Board approved the amount not to exceed $2,000 which would include the carrying case and other small needs. The Board approved an equipment feature for the phone system (cost $885) to make it possible to plug in a handheld phone for times when a call involves moving around from computer to computer, etc. to handle a call. Paying of the bills in the amount of $31,360.71 was approved by the Board. Payroll Liabilities were $1,665.64 and Payroll was $8,335.09 for a total of $41,361.44. Deputy Sutherland of the Berrien County Sheriff Department reported there were 32 complaints worked in the Township. There were five tickets issued and two arrests made. In the 32 complaints worked, there were ten traffic accidents, one assault, one burglary – forced entry, and one fraudulent activity.

CIVIL WAR HERO… A grave marker in the Watervliet Cemetery for Seymour Boyer sits next to the Boyer family monument. Seymour Boyer died May 13, 1863 as a result of injuries sustained in battle during the U.S. Civil War. He is the only Civil War casualty to be buried in the cemetery. (photo by Dan Schofield)

Seymour Boyer is Watervliet Cemetery’s only Civil War casualty

Submitted by Daniel P. Schofield Civil War Roundtable St. Joseph, MI Along with the gravestone of his more famous brother, Dwight (1847-1931), lies the grave of Watervliet’s only Civil War casualty to be interred in the Watervliet Cemetery. A member of one of the area’s most famous families Seymour Boyer’s grave is located in the oldest section of the cemetery directly east of the roadway. Born in Watervliet, five years before his brother Dwight, Seymour, at the age of 21 enlisted in his hometown to serve his state and his country. He mustered in the Union Army as a member of Michigan’s 4th Calvary, Company M. (Seymour was raised with horses so the Calvary was a natural choice). His enlistment date was August 22, 1862. His death came a mere nine months later on May 13, 1863 in Nashville, Tennessee. Seymour’s first duty was to march to Detroit, train and drill. On September 26, 1862 he left with over 1,000 men for Louisville, Kentucky. He saw his first action on November 12, 1862 at Stanford, Kentucky. His regiment was a part of the Union’s Western front of the Army of the Cumberland, and most famous for its capture of Jefferson Davis at the end of the war. Seymour Boyer’s last action for the Michigan 4th was fought at Murfreesboro, Tennessee on May 5, 1863. Watervliet Civil War Hero Boyer died eight days later from the result of wounds he sustained… all gave some, some gave all.


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