05-25-2017 Citizens and students saluted by Hartford Lions Club

Citizens and students saluted by Hartford Lions Club

CITIZEN HONORED… Garry Unrath received the Grant Hitchcock Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by his wife Cindy, named for Lion Grant Hitchcock who was Hartford’s first Citizen of the Year honoree back in 1993. The annual Hitchcock Award presented by the Hartford Lions began in 2006.

STUDENTS HONORED… Hartford Lions award scholar-ships to seniors Paul Chappell, Sandra Perez and Carmen Cavillo at the annual Community Honors celebration, held Saturday, May 20 at Hartford High School.

Bainbridge Township approves maintenance bids

By Angela Stair

The Bainbridge Township meeting of the Board of Trustees was held Monday, May 8.  The board attended to unfinished business from last meeting with the selection of which painting estimate and which parking lot estimate to accept.

The township received two proposals that were being considered for the power wash, prep and painting of exterior doors and frames, trim, block and siding of building and power washing the copula.  Alsup Painting, Inc. out of St. Joseph bid $6,380.  Supreme Finishes, LLC of St. Joseph bid $6,875.

After discussing the two bids, the board approved the Alsup Painting, Inc.

The board also had two bids to consider for the repairs of the parking lot this year.  Shembarger Asphalt Sealing, Inc. bid $540 to seal coat the asphalt surface and edge the entire parking area with a professional edger.  Arnt Asphalt Sealing Inc. bid $525 to clean and fill approximately 700 feet of major cracks and for an additional $175 would also clean, seal joint between asphalt and concrete and asphalt and building, bringing the total job cost bid to $700.

After discussing the two bids, the township board approved Shembarger Asphalt Sealing, Inc.

Bainbridge Township Board Resolution

Township Clerk Patty Hiler-Molter brought to the board’s attention that the state is launching a new voting system.  It includes precinct tabulators, accessible voting devices for use by individuals with disabilities and related Election Management System (EMS) software.

Partial funding for the new voting system will be provided by the state, and will include a combination of Federal Help America Vote Act and state appropriated funds.  Local funding obligations were detailed in an attached Election Source quote.

Clerk Hiler-Molter told the board they would get some money back for the old equipment, but