05-25-2017 Hagar reviewing proposal for formal bid and purchasing procedures; parks gearing up for s

LAURY WARD HONORED… Hartford High School graduate from the Class of 1972 Laury Ward was recognized for her contribution to Hartford athletics and the sport of softball. Ward, according to HHS Athletic Director Nick Blackmer, “was the driving force in bringing softball back to Hartford” after an absence of many years through the 1960’s. Ward went on to play softball for Michigan State University. In the 1976 NCAA Women’s National Softball Tournament, Ward’s base hit scored the winning run in the championship game, giving MSU the title. Pictured (from the left): Front row – Les-lie Ward, niece; Pam Ward, sister-in-law; Ward; Arelen Ward, mother; and Back row – Rick Ward, brother; and Ron Ward, brother, support Laury as she is recognized on the softball field.

Hagar reviewing proposal for formal bid and purchasing procedures; parks gearing up for summer season

By Jon Bisnett

Hagar Parks are ready for summer visitors with the beaches bound to be crowded, not for a larger attendance, but for a distinct lack of beach sand!

Beth Raiser is a bit flustered in her inaugural year at the post of Hagar Parks Director since she’s starting out the year with a bit less park system than her predecessor. Unusually high Lake Michigan water levels have swallowed a significant amount of what typically would be usable beach. “We just have to work with what Lake Michigan leaves us…” says Raiser. Porta-Johns and trash receptacles are being delivered this week just as unseasonably cool May temperatures are set to turn around and began the annual migration of tourists to the beaches of Hagar Parks.


County Commissioner Dave Vollrath visited briefly to deliver Hagar’s copy of the new 2017 Berrien County Equalization Report. Vollrath also reminded residents that the Berrien County Commission has one more evening meeting scheduled for June 1 at the North Berrien Senior Citizen Center at 6:00 p.m.

Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Crosby delivered a report of only 29 complaints including 11 citations and three arrests logged in the township during the prior month.

Supervisor’s Report

Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio began by briefly outlining a proposal for review by the board in regard to establishing a formal bid and purchasing procedure for the township. “I feel we need to get a system down in writing to assure our residents that our process not only provides complete transparency, but also guarantees a fair and equitable system to get the best value out of each dollar we spend on their behalf.” The matter will be taken up again at the next township meeting.

Clerk’s Report

North Berrien Joint Fire Report

Supervisor DiMaggio briefly described the situation that occurred in regard to the chief candidate turning down the position following the lengthy testing and selection process involving a citizen committee, the fire board and consultants.

DiMaggio has personally recommended that the board go back and take a look at the number two and three finalists. The decision as to how to proceed now lies with the fire board.

Clerk’s Report

Clerk Sarah Cook began her first report as the township’s new clerk by thanking the workers from the May 2 election.

Cook then presented a resolution, subsequently approved, to authorize the application for a grant to provide access to a state-wide funding program for new poll equipment.