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05-31-2018 Hartford Amish Meet and Greet huge success; The Tri-City Community remembers its heroes

Hartford Amish Meet and Greet huge success

By Angela Stair The Amish Meet and Greet held on Saturday at the Hartford United Methodist Church was a huge success with a full house for the whole meeting. The public had started to arrive well before the official time of the program and a constant stream of people. The Amish introduced themselves and explained their offerings to the community.

ADDRESSING THE ATTENDEES… Bob Kilburn (Farmer Bob) officially began the Hartford Amish Meet and Greet Saturday with a brief welcome and introduced the local dignitaries attending so they could say a few words. In the photo are Bob Kilburn at the podium, Hartford City Mayor Rick Hall (center) and Hartford Fire Chief Rob Harting standing at the far right. Hartford Township Supervisor Ron Sefcik was also in attendance. (TCR photo by Angela Stair)

They had some hand-crafted items, rugs, assorted bakery and candies. They also displayed pictures of their work, such as the carpenter/furniture maker, the metal shop products, and even cleaning services were offered. The Bishop will be manufacturing building trusses in the near future and more to come as their community grows. Bob Kilburn, known locally as “Farmer Bob” helped put the different groups of people together to make the Meet and Greet possible. He spoke briefly about what an asset the Amish are to the community, how they have purchased and fixed up many old farms, started new businesses, and continue to purchase building materials locally. Kilburn said they pay property and income taxes just like the rest of us and because they do not pay into social security, they also not collect it either. He said there are 30 families in the church district now (Amish Church), they make their own clothing and use wood to heat and cook with. The Meet and Greet was sponsored by the City and Township of Hartford. Kilburn introduced the Hartford Township Supervisor Ron Sefcik who welcomed the Amish families and said the Township had helped with the housing as the families came in, and the road signs alerting drivers to the Amish carriages. Hartford City Mayor Rick Hall also welcomed the Amish to the community and said they had tried to help out where they could, such as putting up the two hitching posts for the horse and buggies. One is located on the south side of Main Street by Miller Thermometer and one is located on the north side of town by the Loan Closet.

AMISH BUGGIES… Horses munch grass contentedly by their buggies, waiting for their Amish owners to complete the Meet and Greet at the Hartford United Methodist Church. (TCR Photo by Angela Stair)

Fire Chief Rob Harting welcomed the Amish and said they would be happy to help them in any way. He invited them in to talk if they would like. Amish Bishop Jonai Petersheim greeted the crowd and thanked them for coming into the Meet and Greet to get to know them better. Amish Minister Albert Keim thanked everyone for coming in and said he was glad to have them all there together.

The Tri-City Community remembers its heroes on Memorial Day

GUEST SPEAKER… Miss Watervliet Ellie Troyer provides the address to the attendees at the Watervliet Memorial Day Service held at the cemetery. (TCR photos by Annette Christie)

BUGLE CALL… The haunting melody of Taps by the Hartford Indian Emerald Vanguard’s Nick McGlothlin honors the fallen at Keeler Cemetery. The small community always turns out a crowd on Memorial Day in tribute of those who have served. (TCR photo by Jon Bisnett)

MEMORIAL SERVICE… American Legion Post 533 Commander Ruben Mireles (at podium) invited and is joined on stage by all veterans in attendance during Memorial Day observances held in Hartford’s Ely Park. (TCR photo by Jon Bisnett)

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