06-04-2020 Tri-City Area Sports

Coloma Press Box By Dave Vollrath

Coloma Comet athletes continue to receive accolades

The Coloma Comet seniors will be a part of history that will be remembered for many negative happenings, but with the hard work of the Coloma High School staff and senior parents they will also have many fond and unique memories of their last days as a high school student.

Two weeks ago Wendy Goodline, the Comet athletic director, enlisted the help of several of the Coloma varsity coaches and traveled around the community personally handing out many awards, plaques, and certifications of exceptional achievement to all the senior Comet award winners. The awards were both from the SAC Conference and also from the top honors handed out each year by the Coloma high school staff.

Then on Friday May 29, the school and the whole community came together to honor 2020 Coloma seniors with a parade through town. Adorned in their cap and gowns, the seniors were driven in a parade of vehicles, SUVs, convertible cars, and other forms of transportation, as the streets were lined with congratulatory townsfolk honoring the latest class of Coloma Comet alumni, while of course following the social distancing guidelines. It was a unique and successful event and greatly appreciated by the graduates and their parents.

Comet elite three sports club

The Coloma Comet elite three sports club this year has six members. Each of these athletes has competed in at least three sports in all four years of their career. That kind of commitment can really take a toll, as they are competing in a sport virtually every season of their high school career. All six of these new members to the club are outstanding young people, who not only competed hard as an athlete but also were outstanding students in the classroom.

There were two females in this list. Megan Neubecker is our first 3-sport athlete being acknowledged. She played volleyball, basketball, and softball, all four years of her career as a Comet. Megan was also named as the Neil Peters Award winner, and will be going on to play volleyball and continue her education at Lake Michigan College.

Marissa Sherburn is the next three sporter on our list. Marissa played volleyball, basketball, and ran track and cross-country through her years at Coloma High School. Her favorite sport was basketball, and Marissa will be continuing her education at the University of Michigan.

Four senior boys complete the list for this year. Ian Ishmael will be Plebe at the Naval Academy in a very short while, but while at Coloma Ian was a 3-sport athlete for 4 years. His top sport was wrestling, and he also ran cross-country, and played football and baseball to earn his way onto this list.

Kenyon Boyd was a hard runner and hard hitter on the football field, and he also roamed center field on the Coloma baseball team, and played basketball to round out a great athletic career as a Comet.

Alec DeLaTorre is our next 3-sport club member. Alec played football, wrestled, and ran track all four years of high school. He has also been involved as a volunteer for the North Berrien Fire Rescue Department.

Charlie Cullitan was a bulldog as the center of the Coloma Comet football O-Line, as Charlie has a lot of drive. He also was a hard competitor on the lanes, as a Comet varsity bowler, and on the track to earn him a 3-sport career.

Coloma SAC Conference Academic / Athletic Award winners

The Coloma senior class of 2020 continued to be honored by the Southwest Athletic Conference, this time being honored for their work as an athlete as well as a student. The names on this list are very familiar names and have been mentioned often in this column, as they continue to rack up the awards. Making this team of Comets, named to the SAC Academic / Athletic Award are Ian Ishmael, Kelsey Ellis, Amaria Echols, Vanessa Crisenbery, Nick Eastman, Nathan Struck, Marissa Sherburn, Megan Koenigshof, and Emma Vandermolen.

Once again we congratulate all the Coloma award winners, and wish you all the best in the future.

Optimistic sign of the future of fall athletics

In an optimistic sign this week, in a week where the people in the State of Michigan were finally allowed to come out of their homes, the SAC, of which Coloma is a member, released the schedule for some dates for fall athletics.