06-15-2017 School News & Calendars

WATERVLIET FOURTH GRADERS… at the North Elementary School have had the privilege of traveling to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for the past two years. This trip is made possible by the students themselves and our wonderful P.T.O. Our fourth graders have raised $3,000 through a bread fund-raiser two years in a row. This money has paid for charter buses to and from Chicago. Our P.T.O. graciously gives all of our students an allotted amount each year for field trips as well. Due to the fund-raiser and the P.T.O., the amount we ask for from the parents is minimal. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students. We would like to say thank you to our parents, P.T.O., and our community for supporting us.

W-A-Y Watervliet High School

May Students of the Month

 Matthew (Matt) Bryant joined the program in the fall of 2014 as a freshman and has elevated himself recently to senior status. He has quickened his pace and has a goal to finish by the end of summer. He does a great job on his projects and is very thorough in his work. Matt has recently surged in progress and in May earned 1.3 credits. Go Matt!

Matt’s parents are Kimberly and Rob Bryant.

Matt is passionate about many things. He currently raises several goats and rabbits. He loves woodworking and he likes to work on televisions and computers and he is committed to getting his education and has never taken his sights off of earning his diploma.

He currently works at Hartford Motor Speedway and for his parent’s company, C&H concrete, LLC.

After he graduates from the W-A-Y program, he would like to attend school and enroll in a hands-on program for woodworking and computers.

Nadia Lauzon has been selected as one of the May students of the month. She joined the program in the winter of 2017 as a sophomore and has worked steadily since joining. Nadia turns in high quality projects and stays on top of her communication with W-A-Y staff. Great Job Nadia!

Nadia has earned 1.25 credits in the month of May.

Her parents are April Perry and Neil Perry.

Nadia enjoys being in nature and walking in the woods and exploring new places to walk.

After she graduates from the W-A-Y program, she plans on applying to colleges and pursue her master’s degree in social work.

Taylor Marvin is the third student of the month. She has worked consistently throughout her time in the program and since earning enough credits to become a senior, she has only accelerated her pace. Way to Go Taylor!