06-17-2020 Letters and Commentary

Not peaceful protestors Dear Karl, I think a large number of people in this country are losing their minds, or at least their common sense. These riots with burning buildings, cars being destroyed, people hurt and killed, people want to say it’s all right because the Constitution gives us the right to protest. The Constitution says PEACEFUL PROTEST. I would not call these peaceful. I can’t believe a retired U.S. Major is condemning the President for using force and the military against the rioters. He states American towns are our homes not battle fields. These so called “protestors” turned our towns into battlefields. I would like to know how this retired Major would feel if the buildings being burned, the cars being destroyed and the people being hurt and killed were his house, car and his neighbors. Hitler destroyed statues; sound familiar? What is next? Burning books? Next week I’ll vent on the unbelievable way some politicians and main stream media has led us down the path of fear and control with this so called pandemic. Respectfully, Dennis Bachman, Benton Harbor

Hagar votes on tax cut Editor, The August 4 Primary Election will give our Hagar Township residents the opportunity to lower their taxes. The Fire Truck millage request has been cut by 50%, from .5 mills to .25 mills. The 10 year previous millage expires this year, and with this reduced millage, we will still have sufficient funds to purchase the required fire trucks for the next 10 years. An analysis was provided to the Hagar Township Board and to our representatives to the Fire Board which gained their support and approval. This analysis shows that with the current Fund Balance, plus the revenue from the .25 mills received each year, this tax cut will still leave a sufficient balance after we meet the needs of the replacement fire trucks. A yes vote on this millage request will not only reduce this portion of your property taxes, but will also provide the finest, up to date equipment for our outstanding women and men of our North Berrien Fire and Rescue Department. Thank you for your support. Izzy DiMaggio, Supervisor Hagar Township

Reelect Ken Parrigin for Coloma Charter Twp. Supervisor To the Editor, I support Ken Parrigin for reelection as Coloma Charter Township Supervisor. I have attended the Coloma Township meetings for many years and have seen first-hand the dedication and commitment Ken has for his position as Supervisor. He is caring and thoughtful in his responses to anyone that has questions or concerns during a meeting or calls him outside of the meetings. If contentious issues arise, he keeps meetings on track and makes sure everyone is heard and listens to both sides of the issue. Ken’s knowledge of day to day operations of the Township is what makes him such a wonderful person for the job and another reason I would vote for his reelection. He is always willing to give a helping hand and goes out of his way to make sure that things are done and keeps up to date on meetings that he needs to attend and knows the importance of being present and informed on what is going on not only in the Township but in the surrounding communities. Ken also makes every effort to attend new business openings, ribbon cuttings and other community celebrations and festivals. There is no better or more experienced person for Township Supervisor and I encourage voters to cast their vote for Ken and feel confident that he will continue to do the great job he has already done for the Township and its residents. Sincerely, Chana Kniebes

Sheila Hickmott is solid choice for Coloma Charter Twp. Clerk To the Editor, I had the pleasure of working with Sheila Hickmott for an approximate five years within the banking industry. Throughout this time frame, Sheila consistently demonstrated an unwavering sense of integrity, ethics and an overall appreciation for the community in which she both worked and lived. Day in and day out, Sheila would provide sound financial advice to each and every client – helping both residents and businesses alike. It is because of these traits that I believe Sheila Hickmott would be a solid choice for Coloma Township Clerk. Sincerely, Brad Cook

A major victory for the Great American Outdoors Next week, I’ll be back in Washington for legislative business, and the House will be voting on a number of bills, including the Great American Outdoors Act. The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, of which I am a vice-chair, recently endorsed this critical legislation, and I am proud to be a cosponsor as we look to move it through Congress. The Great American Outdoors Act, which passed the Senate by a vote of 73 to 25, is a major victory for our public lands as well as the local economies and natural ecosystems that they sustain. This widely bipartisan bill would provide $900 million a year to fully and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and address our $20 billion maintenance backlog on federal lands. Since its creation in 1964, the LWCF has assisted with more than 41,000 preservation and recreation projects nationwide. Michigan alone has received over $322 million to protect and improve public access to places such as the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the Keweenaw National Historic Park, and our Great Lakes. Our public lands are real treasures, and we must always work together to conserve their beauty and protect the great American outdoors that we all cherish for generations to come. To learn more about important legislative issues, follow me on Twitter at @RepFredUpton or by visiting my website: upton.house.gov. You can also call my offices in Kalamazoo (269-385-0039), St. Joseph/ Benton Harbor (269-982-1986), or Washington, D.C. (202-225-3761).