06-18-2020 Coloma Junior High School Principal’s List/Honor Roll 2019-2020 Second Semester

PEACE MARCH… held Saturday in the Twin Cities saw hundreds of people walk in protest of racial inequalities and police brutality. Watervliet residents Karlianne Loshbough and Tyler Burbach (pictured far left) walking along with fellow Southwest Michigan residents. Karlianne is quoted saying, “I marched yesterday saying no justice, no peace, I marched saying names of people lost to brutality. I marched while chanting black lives matter, I marched with nearly 2,000 people of all different backgrounds. Yesterday I cried, in a crowd of 2,000 people because I want, so badly, for change and I knew that this is exactly what I had to do.” (Contributed photo)

Coloma Junior High School Principal’s List/Honor Roll 2019-2020 Second Semester

Principal’s List includes those honor students who have a straight “A” average for the full semester. 6th Grade Principal’s List Cole Brown, Ava Cartwright, Kimyah Cornelius, Callie Crisenbery, Keilee Garner, Cambell Kirby, Lawsen Murphy, Brooklyn Nord, Brayden Symonds

7th Grade Principal’s List Alisson Gonzalez, Eddy Granados, Callen Hickmon, Mackenzie Hosbein, Jacob Pleyer

8th Grade Principal’s List Liliana Contreras, Jodi Dotson, Boden Genovese, Alyse Grenon, Ingrid Kublick, Payton Penkal, McKenzie Sing, Fletcher Todd

Honor roll includes students with a minimum GPA of 3.00 and no more than one “C” for the full semester. Citizenship must be satisfactory in all cases. 6th Grade Honor Roll James Anthony, Tatum Arend, Kameron Baker, Brady Carlson, Aaron Case, Grayson Coulter, Grace Daugherty, Ian Dryer, Cassidy Emrath, Tyler Follman, Madalina Gallegos, Jackson Hammond, Cody Hess, Alivia Hutchins, Miya Jenkins, Maverick Kraemer, Liam Kublick, Egypt Lanier, Mackenzie Meek, Star Myers, Treyton Myers, Sahara Norton, Joshua Padilla-Gamino, Isabelle Parker-Lippincott, Michelle Quintana Santana, Bethany Rose, Cindi Torres, Baylee Varvel, Jaidyn White, Ireland Williams, Jayden Williams, Neal Wilson, Mason Yerington

7th Grade Honor Roll Juliana Aguilera Brady, Karen Alvarez Maltos, Tucker Arend, Carson Ashley, Evan Baldwin, Haley Bither, Zoey Boyd, Dakye Caulton, Shauntie Cobbs, Olivia Craft, Arayah Davis, Grant Ecker, Angel Fernandez, Madelynn Hamilton, Christine Hampton, Cole Hartmann, Joshua Hernandez-Alba, Alivia Jimenez, Melissa Morales, Gavin Morlock, Alexis Murphy, Adan Olivo, Ethan Ott, Trevor Saline, Devon Smith, Wesley Tillotson, Kennedy Wheeler, Cheyann Witherspoon, Garrett Wolfe

8th Grade Honor Roll Andre’a Bale, Aidan Cripe, Carter Crist, AshLynn DeLaTorre, Elizabeth Garcia, Mackenzie Garcia, Mariah Harris, Benjamyn Hess, Brielle Hicks, Clara Kimmerly, Trevor Massey, Carrie Metz, Julissa Mireles, Miryssa Nelson, Hanna Sicurello, Kourtney Smith, Hannah Wagner, Cecilla Williams

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA AWARD… was presented to Alice Askren, Coloma High School senior. She was chosen by the band, Mrs. Thomas, and Mr. Keech based on her leadership, dedication, and musicianship to the Coloma Band Program. Alice is the daughter of Richard Askren and Sarah Strzyzykowski, and she played the alto saxophone in the concert, marching, jazz, and pep bands. She plans to attend the University of Michigan to major in music.

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