06-21-2018 Schools news & calendars

THIS “KUTE KID” is… Bryce Winnell who recently celebrated his 1st birthday! His proud parents are Jason & Jennifer Winnell of Watervliet. Bryce’s loving family includes Mark & Dawn Winnell and Mitch & Michelle Hartman, all of Watervliet. He is also adored by Great-grandma Jackie Ballard and uncles, Matt Winnell and Allan Hartman.

W-A-Y Watervliet High School May Students of the Month Hailey Metelko One of the May students of the month, Hailey Metelko, joined the program in late January of 2015 as a freshman and has worked consistently throughout to bring herself within a credit of completing the program. Hailey has recently been working at an incredible pace. She has earned almost two credits in the month of May alone!

Sabrina Tancil Another student of the month for May is Sabrina Tancil. Sabrina joined the W-A-Y program in February of 2017 as a true freshman and has recently accelerated her pace. In addition to making steady progress, she does a consistent job on communication and attendance

Sabrina’s parents are Jeanese Fish, Michael Fish, Roxanne Tancil and Richard Tancil. Her plans after graduating from high school and earning her diploma are to go to college and study forensic photography. In her free time she likes to spend a lot of time with her nephew, hang out with friends and read! Sabrina currently works at Lakeside Books.

Sidney Barchett The final student of the month for May is Sidney Barchett. Sidney joined the W-A-Y program in September of 2015 as a true freshman and has worked consistently over the course of the past few years. She is almost finished with her last few credits and has done so mostly from home. In addition to making steady progress, she does a fantastic job with communication. Sidney’s guardian is her grandmother, Judy Barchett.

Coloma Junior High School Principal’s List / Honor Roll 2017-2018 Second Semester

Principal’s List includes those honor students who have a straight “A” average for the full semester. 6th Grade Principal’s List Andre’a Bale, Liliana Contreras, Boden Genovese, Alyse Grenon, Clara Kimmerly, McKinleigh Kraemer, Miryssa Nelson, Fletcher Todd 7th Grade Principal’s List Camryn Brown, Hannah Grenon, Brodie McQuillan 8th Grade Principal’s List Riley Davis, Michael DeRosa, Christopher Eastman, Ava Genovese, Isabella Greenman, Jake Ickes, Bailey McVay, Molly McVay, Luke Phillips, Wesley Seabury, Ethan Vandermolen

Honor roll includes students with a minimum GPA of 3.00 and no more than one “C” for the full semester. Citizenship must be satisfactory in all cases. 6th Grade Honor Roll Amber Cheek, Carter Crist, AshLynn DeLaTorre, Andrew DeRosa, Jamie Dotson, Jodi Dotson, Mackenzie Garcia, Benjamyn Hess, Ayvah Johnson, Ingrid Kublick, Mia Lawson, Trevor Massey, Roberto Nestor Reyes, Payton Penkal, Isabella Reinhardt, Kyra Rodgers, Hanna Sicurello, McKenzie Sing, Nikolai Sirk, Kourtney Smith, Hannah Wagner, Amarae Williams, Cecilla Williams 7th Grade Honor Roll Amber Baum, Tailan Beaty, Scott Borr, Georgia Briske, Kyle Burnette, Joshua Casnave, Malik Cowgill, Lilean Dunafin, Yohaly Estrada, Christianna Flagel, Carson Goldner, Andy Granados, Zachary Gunderson, Omari Jones, Addyson Milnickel, Kaleb Mwewe-Smith, Kayla Pratl, Mariah Purk, Cristian Quintana-Santana, Preston Scott, Devin Sinnett, Wyatt Sinnett, Hudson Sternaman, Olivia Stroba, Skyler Wolfe 8th Grade Honor Roll Adian Allmon, Austin Arnold, Zander Baldwin, Kaidence Burrell, Joseph Dillard, Aiden Dryer, Kayla Gillan, Eric Gomez, Cali Grenon, Cassidy Henley, Katrina Howell, Caeleb Ishmael, Adeline Kimmerly, Ethan Kreitner, Chloe Mathis, Yesenya Perea, Allie Pleyer, Kylie Prisk, Cameron Schinck, Sierra Shuburte, Chelsea Spears, Breana Tillotson, Jacoba West, Layne Whitaker, Lucian Whitaker, Chloe Williams

Watervliet High School 2017-18 Honor Roll Second Semester

FRESHMEN All A’s: Ruth Aguilera Gallergos, Isaac Bultema, Abigail Burrows, Jazmin Moron, Danyel Munson, Aria Richards, Anayeli Rosales, Kyah Sexton, Grace Weckwerth, Vendan Workman B average and above: Elizabeth Arndt, Saul Burgos, Vladimir Cardozo-Aviles, Kristen Gardiner, Devin Goss, Te’a Halamka, Matthew Hanks, Alexis Hayes, Alexandra Hays, Kayla Hoy, Evan Hutchins, Grant Jackson, Destiny Kerr, Robert Kraklau, Dylan Lawson, Aaron Leoni, Michael Lewison, Laiya Liberto, Riley McKinney, Joselin Moron, Dakota Munson, Jade Osbourne, Kyle Peek, Caitlyn Poupard, Joshua Reeves, Marisa Rowe, Zachariah Rukas, Don Smith III, Sophia Tavolacci, Mercedes Tingue, Ezra Troyer, Sophia Warsko, Adriyanna Winters, Anthony Woods, Isaiah Yazel SOPHOMORES All A’s: Ashley Bumstead, Augustus Hinch, Tekoa Marshall, Logan Roland, Susanna VanLente B average and above: Keegan Adams, Jordyn Angelo, William Collins, Allison Eisen, Logan Franklin, Jessica Gearhart, Logan Geisler, Masyn Hotovy, Alex Isbrecht, Keimaira Jackson, Harneet Kaur, Serena Kerr, Meghan Klann, Jacob Loomis, Diego Martinez, Emma Morris, Maria Munson, Taylor O’Neal, Trever Pelton, Cole Pline, Nicholas Polaskey, Brian Ramirez, Serena Reyna, Jayna Rodgers, Saarah Schaefer, Chelsea Speck, Raelyn Statler, Dylan Tucker, Madelyn Wilkinson, Isaac Wilmoth, Alexis Worley JUNIORS All A’s: Alexander Anthony, Emma Armstrong, Elaine Koshar, Emma Kraklau, Brenna Langston, Allison Pazera, Tyler Pennington, Hannah Yerington B average and above: Lindsay Adams, Jakob Aldrich, Abby Andres, Johnny Benavidez, Allen Chapin III, Mikalah Clay, Jazlynn Cowgill, Trinity Crain, Arbin Gomez-Perez, Brytnie Harden, Jerrica Hargreaves, Coby Henslee, Eric Kehrer, Jacqueline King, Celina Klimkiewicz, Garrett Matthews, Kyle McConnell, Matthew Melcher, Brionna Myers, Hannah Nye, Grace Smith, Russell Smith, Victoria Smith, Madeline Teresko, Marissa Testini, Emma Yazel

Thru July 21 “WATERVLIET LIBRARY SUMMER READING PROGRAM” Visit the library website, their Facebook page or call 463-6382 for more information. Friday, June 22-Saturday, June 23, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. “ANNUAL GARAGE SALE” hosted by Lakeland Hospital, Watervliet Auxiliary in the garage behind the hospital. Proceeds to benefit Auxiliary projects at Lakeland Hospital, Watervliet. Saturday, June 23, 1 p.m. “FISHING RODEO FOR KIDS” at the Van Buren Sportsmen’s Club, 54030 CR687, Hartford. Free event for kids 16 and under. Must bring own pole, tackle & bucket. Bait, food, drinks and prizes for kids. Saturday, June 23, 2-4 p.m. “FAREWELL CELEBRATION” for Michael Zehner at VFW Post 1137, 8777 Red Arrow Hwy., Watervliet. Public invited. Sunday, June 24, 3 p.m. “BUTTERFLIES” presentation by Ron Dudek at Sarett Nature Center, 2300 N. Benton Center Rd., Benton Harbor followed by visit to the Butterfly House. Admission is $7 for adults, $3 for children. Tuesday, June 26, 10:30-11:30 a.m. “REP. GRIFFIN OFFICE HOURS” at Hartford City Hall, 19 W. Main St. Open to the public; no appointments necessary. June 26-August 7 “HARTFORD LIBRARY SUMMER READING PROGRAM” Visit the library website for a complete schedule of activities or call 621-3408 for more information. June 29 & 30, July 1 “WATERVLIET INDEPENDENCE WEEKEND CELEBRATION” Saturday, July 14 “WATERVLIET PAPER MILL REUNION” hosted by North Berrien Historical Society. Former mill employees and family members may share items, photos & documents of the mill by calling the historical society at 468-3330 or emailing info@northberrienhistory.org. Sunday, July 15, 1-6 p.m. “JOHNSON SCHOOL REUNION” at Carronde Park in Benton Harbor for past students, teachers, staff and parents. Bring your own lunch, beverage & lawn chair. Call 248-390-4281 for more information. July 16-21 “VAN BUREN YOUTH FAIR” August 3-5 “COLOMA GLAD-PEACH FESTIVAL” Sunday, Aug. 5 “GRAND CITY SKIERS” free performance on Paw Paw Lake hosted by the Paw Paw Lake Yacht Club. August 6-10, 9 a.m.-noon “MIDWAY SOCCER CAMP” at Midway Baptist Church, 7517 Red Arrow Hwy., Watervliet. Free event for kids ages 5-10. Pre-register online at www.midwayministries.org. Call 463-3195 for more information.