06-22-2017 Letters an Commentary


Inspiring Dad

Dear Editor,

My name is Ethan Whitney and my dad is Bill Whitney. I think my dad should win top pop because he is very inspiring to me. He is a very hard worker and he is the best fire fighter I know. He is very cool because he rides dirt bikes, four wheelers and motorcycles. He has taught me how to ride dirt bikes and drive race cars. He works very hard every day to get me things that I like and to take our family on vacations. He is the best dad ever.

Ethan Whitney

Use current point of reference

Dear Editor and residents of Watervliet,

Please stop using the “Old High School” as a location for events. (Example: July 4th Grand Parade staging.) As a new resident of this area I have no idea where the old school was. As a result, I have no clue where this event and many others since arriving here, is going to occur and so I don’t bother to put it on my calendar.

No, I do not need to be told where the school was, it does not matter anymore. I need a street and or current point of reference. By using an iconic and beloved building from the past, you exclude newcomers and give the impression we are not wanted as attendees.

Please figure out a welcoming way to include those who do not know where things used to be.

Danielle Veenstra

Open letter to Hartford City and Township Board

 I was in attendance at your joint meeting on discussion of Medic 1. At the open meeting it was asked if the public had any comments at the beginning of the meeting. It is hard to comment until you heard the discussion of the board’s issues. At the end of the meeting it was adjourned without public input regarding the discussion.

It has taken me a while to write this letter because I’m from Watervliet Township and I am very disappointed in how Medic 1 blames everyone else for their problems. I do not sit on any township board, but I have been involved in Emergency Medical Service for over 30 years and I am now retired from that field.

It is a shame that if one or two persons complained about Medic 1, they are labeled as “they have an agenda against them.” These people probably have the best interest and knowledge of what is going on. I also, have been complaining to our Watervliet Township Board and it just goes through as me having an agenda. I am glad that someone else is having the guts to stand up and tell their side and what they have seen.

You have two fire chiefs that are working out in the field and know what is going on, LISTEN TO THEM. It is a shame that the boards basically attacked the Covert Fire Chief for writing a letter expressing his issues of what he needs to do to protect his area when they have to assist Medic 1 for Medic l’s lack of coverage.

The boards said they will set up a small committee from each side to discuss improvements. It seems like you have been working for over a year on this and nothing is improving, the issue just keeps passing around and now with Medic 1 blaming Van Buren Dispatch and Berrien County Dispatch for THIER problem.

I hope you will listen to the person or persons whom have knowledge on what is going on in the field and not excuses.

Suggestions for your committee: Have a person with medical knowledge that has been in the field, but not working for either company; Have the two fire chiefs at the meeting, listen to what they have to say.

Questions to ask:

Times of responding-getting to the scene, get copy from both county dispatches, along with Medic l’s own dispatch.