06-29-2017 Paw Paw Lake Rotary Club offers mentoring to local students; Cemetery improvements under

Paw Paw Lake Rotary Club offers mentoring to local students

 On a recent Wednesday the Paw Paw Lake Rotary Club (PPLRC), which serves the Tri-Cities, hosted a noon luncheon meeting about the Rotary Student Program. Since 1905 the 1.2 million member Rotary organization has worked toward the common goal of providing relevant services to the world. In 2007 Jackie Huie, a St. Joseph Rotarian, launched the Rotary Student Program which provides a valuable service to communities with Rotarians helping young people connect with business professionals living in their dream careers.

ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM… was the subject of the June meeting of the Paw Paw Lake Rotary Club. Pictured from the meeting are (from the left): Rotarians Robyn Johnson, Executive Assistant – JohnsonRauhoff (JR); Dr. David Moss, Bob Becker, both of PPLRC; Jackie Huie, speaker and CEO of JR; and Tiffany Griffin, JR Public Relations Manager.

The PPLRC was fortunate to have Jackie as its guest speaker. Jackie continues to be instrumental in developing the program which was chronicled in the Rotarian a magazine which reaches every Rotarian worldwide. Jackie explained how this program is making a difference by helping high school and even some middle school students meet with business professionals for as little as an hour to help them pursue their career goals. Jackie is busy as the CEO of JohnsonRauhoff, a local creative agency and Chair of Rotary Student Program. The plan of the PPLRC is to encourage students to apply and meet with professionals in their “dream jobs” and have applications available in our local schools this fall.

As business professionals mentor students the students gain insight into the career they wish to follow. Jackie explained the program works because in some cases students may decide this is not the career for them and sometimes… well… they end up choosing a different path. Through the connectivity of reaching out to mentors the community grows as connections are made. Pete Bush, Superintendent of Coloma Schools said “We are extremely supportive of working with Rotary to get something set up in our district to benefit our kids”. Watervliet schools also have voiced support.

Locally the Paw Paw Lake Rotary Club is reaching out to area students as its emphasis for this coming year. Globally the Club continues to work to help supply home water filters in the Dominican Republic and to play its part in Rotary’s program to eradicate polio worldwide. If you’d like to learn more about these or other Rotary areas of emphasis please join us for lunch. We meet every Wednesday at Lakeland Hospital Watervliet at noon. Friendly hospital volunteers will help guide you to our meeting room.

Contact Bob Becker at alfmet@aol.com for a seat at a table!

Cemetery improvements underway in Hartford

By Nancy Albright

The Hartford Township Board discussed needed improvements to Maple Grove Cemetery at the June 8 meeting to remedy the water system and damaged gravestones.

The water system at Maple Grove is currently shut down and township supervisor Ron Sefcik stated that, “We need to keep the flowers watered and the tombstones clean. I would like to be able to provide that service to Hartford citizens.” A recent survey of the system revealed that broken equipment which draws water from an underground well needs to be repaired or replaced to quickly make the system operational.

The board agreed to further investigate the issue and repair what can be done now to get the water flowing using funds currently available. They will work on a long-term plan to trench in new water lines and replace the equipment when additional funds become available.

Township treasurer Steve Starner told the board that on a recent tour of Maple Grove he noticed several damaged veteran gravestones, one dating back to the Civil War, another with a G.A.R. medallion. Township clerk Julie Sweet told the board that she will notate damaged grave markers in the new computerized cemetery data system for survey and repair.