07-05-2018 Hartford School Board approves 2018-19 budget & hires;

ATTENTION PARENTS… Members of the County Substance Abuse Task Force have placed signs, like this one at Hartford High School, for their Underage Drinking Campaign at nine schools in Van Buren County. Their purpose is a reminder that supplying alcohol to a minor is illegal in Michigan. Hosting parties where teens are allowed to drink alcohol is extremely dangerous and poses a great risk to the children in attendance. Teens who consume alcohol or other illegal substances risk criminal charges which could negatively impact their future. The task force encourages parents to talk to their teens about drinking. Their aim is to reduce underage drinking during prom, graduation, and summer; for more information visit TalkSooner.org.

Hartford School Board approves 2018-19 budget & hires

By Jon Bisnett The Hartford School Board began the evening of June 21 with a public hearing on the 2018-19 budget and then worked through a litany of approvals and new hires without delay, demonstrating a unanimous sameness of purpose not seen in most recent weeks. 2018 Summer School staff Redwood Principal Ed Dickenson’s recommendations for Summer Migrant and Summer Title I program staff was unanimously approved. The board also approved three new additions to staff. Elementary Literacy Coach Susan McLemore comes from Lawrence Elementary where she served as a classroom teacher in fourth, second, first grades and Kindergarten for 22 years. Susan has her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University and her Master of Science in Elementary Reading & Literacy from Walden University. The hiring committee was very impressed with her level of knowledge and experiences as a classroom teacher 1st Grade teacher Lindsy Morsaw joins Hartford from Central Elementary in White Pigeon, Michigan where she was a kindergarten teacher. Prior to that, she taught at Riverside Elementary for 10 years. Mrs. Morsaw received her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University with a major in Elementary Education. 2nd Grade teacher Emily Shafer is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University with certification in both Elementary Education and Elementary Spanish. Emily has worked with the Bangor Summer Migrant Program previously and is a graduate from Bangor High School. 2018-19 contract approvals A new contract with the secretaries and food service staff for wages and benefits increases salaries by 2-percent. The new contract with the alternative education staff for wages increases salaries by 1-percent. 2017-18 amendments approved The Finance Committee presented the 2017-18 general fund budget amendment which projects a surplus of $266,479. This amount is an increase of $25,715 more than projected in December; approved unanimously. The Finance Committee offered the 2017-18 Food Service budget amendment as recommended projecting an $812 deficit; also unanimously approved. The 2017-18 2015 Debt Fund budget amendment was unanimously approved as recommended. The 2017-18 2014 Refunding Debt Fund budget amendment was unanimously approved as recommended. The Finance Committee presented the 2017-18 Construction Fund budget amendment for approval. Hopes to spend the remaining fund balance before year end went astray due to numerous construction setbacks making it impossible to close the fund this year. The measure was approved unanimously.

Southwest 10 Athletic Conference Constitution The board reviewed and discussed the Southwest 10 constitution at the May 17, 2018 meeting, and gave full unanimous approval. High School / Middle School

WELCOME… New staffers join the Hartford District team fall lineup. Three new faces were formally introduced at Thursday’s School Board meeting; (from the left) Susan McLemore b