07-11-2019 Manager has kudos for Watervliet Independence Celebration; Mayor asks to reinstate commit

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Manager has kudos for Watervliet Independence Celebration; Mayor asks to reinstate committees to work with manager on projects

By Annette Christie

Just following a 3-day Independence Day Festival, Watervliet City Manager Tyler Dotson applauded those that made the festival the success that it was. “I’d like to give a shout out to the WBA (Watervliet Business Association) and the volunteers for the planning and work involved in the festival. Chief Sutherland and the police department, Jeff Allen and his team at Public Works, and Fire Chief Dan Jones and the Fire Department for all the planning for the festival and keeping up with day to day functions at the same time. I’m really proud and impressed,” Dotson said.

City Mayor Dave Brinker said there was a need to discuss Commissioner Committees once again. Brinker said that this time was different as it is not because they were without a city manager and they needed the committees to run the various areas of city business. The need now, Brinker said, was to work with the City Manager on the things that he wants to accomplish and he wants to do. Meetings of the committees will be called as needed by Dotson.

Dotson told the Commission at their regular meeting on July 2, that the committee involvement would be more along the lines of helping him plan for what the future of the City of Watervliet looks like. “The importance of the committees is that the vision and the goals need to come from this body not me. The committees will be used to do research and offer recommendations to the City Commission,” Dotson said. “I would like to think that you would seek opinions from staff, but you would drive the goals, not the staff,” Dotson added. Currently the Finance Committee is the only one in place.

In putting people in the places needed, the City Commission appointed Mike Noack to the vacancy on the Planning Commission. He is a resident of the city and is a contractor. Dotson said, “It is my belief that his familiarity with general building standards, practices, and procedures, would be a welcomed addition to the Planning Commission.”

Property purchase

In line with more future planning for the City, Watervliet DDA members Tom Gear and Kristi Noack along with Dotson met with a realtor to discuss the purchase of property at 390 N. Main Street. This was following action by the DDA. Dotson told the City Commission that there are a lot of ideas for what can be put on the property which adjoins the city parking lot next to the liquor store. Dotson said there is not a specific use identified as of yet for the property. “We don’t want to seclude it to one potential use. I am very confident in this group that they will see what it can be.”

Kristi Noack, DDA Chairperson, told the Commission that this is their first major project and they do have a plan in place that follows up from work already done by a Steering Committee. “I feel good that we are going to start and finish this project,” Noack said. While the DDA approved the purchase of the property, any real property purchase has to go to the City Commission for approval. Commissioners Deah Muth and Bill Whitney seemed concerned that if the city purchases another piece of property that it won’t be taken care of. Dotson affirmed, “I do feel comfortable with this purchase and the city’s ability to maintain it.”

Costs for spring clean-up & police department equipment

Dotson spoke to recent spring clean-up that was held city wide. This year the city offered dump passes to residents vs. bringing in a dumpster and organizing additional curbside pick-up. Dotson said he would like a committee to talk about this. Residents on 86 properties came in to pick up dump passes which cost the city $22.40 each for a total of $3,194.12. Dotson said some commissioners have concerns about this option versus how it was done last year and that is what the committee will talk about.

The City Commission approved a Police Department purchase for a car camera, microphone, and for storage of data. The equipment will be put into the School Resource Officer vehicle. The funding will come out of the School Resource Officer fund. Dotson said that at a recent meeting with Watervliet Township officials, they could not stop raving about the officer. Dotson said, “This puts the vehicle in compliance with all other vehicles in the fleet and our policies.” The purchase of $3,608