07-13-2017 School news & Calendars

THIS “KUTE KID” is… Alayna Forrester, 3-year-old who loves to work in the garden! She’s not afraid to get dirty and loves to catch fireflies.

Alayna’s proud parents are Sarah and Josh Forrester of Watervliet.

Share a photo of your “Kute Kids” with your friends, neighbors, and relatives who read the Tri-City Record. Make sure you write your kids’ names on the back of the picture and include any other information about it you would like to see in the paper, including mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and so on. Send the “original” photo to the Tri-City Record, P.O. Box 7, Watervliet, MI 49098 or email it with your information to record@tricityrecord.com. Pick up your photo after it appears in the paper or include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we will mail it back to you.

Where are your “Kute Kids”?

Coloma Junior High School Principal’s List/Honor Roll

2016-2017 2nd Semester

 Principal’s List includes those honor students who have a straight “A” average for the full semester. Honor Roll includes students with a minimum GPA of 3.00 and no more than one “C” for the full semester. Citizenship must be satisfactory in all cases.

6th Grade

Principal’s List: Hannah Grenon, Brodie McQuillan

Honor Roll: Emily Abraham, Wyatt Arms, Scott Borr, Georgia Briske, Camryn Brown, Kyle Burnette, Malik Cowgill, Jenifer Cruz, Lilean Dunafin, Christianna Flagel, Carsyn Goldner, Andy Granados, Seth McQuillan, Addyson Milnickel, Kaleb Mwewe-Smith, Preston Parker, Kayla Pratl, Christian Quintana-Santana, Devin Sinnett, Wyatt Sinnett, Hudson Sternaman, Skylar Tuttle, Tatianna Venson, Skyler Wolfe

7th Grade

Principal’s List: Riley Davis, Michael DeRosa, Christopher Eastman, Ava Genovese, Kayla Gillan, Isabella Greenman, Cali Grenon, Cassidy Henley, Katrina Howell, Jake Ickes, Caeleb Ishmael, Ethan Kreitner, Chloe Mathis, Molly McVay, Luke Phillips, Kylie Prisk, Wesley Seabury, Sierra Shuburte, Breana Tillotson, Ethan Vandermolen, Lucian Whitaker, Chloe Williams

Honor Roll: Micayla Adams, Alexandra Aguilar-Alvarez, Adian Allmon, Austin Arnold, Francini Cubero, Christian Deming, Joe Dillard, Aiden Dryer, Alexis Gilson, Eric Gomez, Kyler Hosbein, Abigail Huttenga, Grace Kiessling, Adeline Kimmerly, Bailey McVay, Evelyn Morales, Malachi Morris, Eadie Needham, Paige Penkal, Yesenya Perea, Allie Pleyer, Hunter Rennick, Jaime Rocha, Devin Sawyer, Dylan Sawyer, Cameron Schinck, Alexa Sigurdardottir, Jacklynn Smith, Jacoba West Jr., Layne Whitaker, Delray Williams Jr.

8th Grade

Principal’s List: Mia Cole, Drew Goodline, Kayleigh Jewell, Maurissa LaGrow, Madison McQuillan, Kimberly Spaulding

Honor Roll: Vaneza Alvarez Maltos, Ethan Blanchard, Jonen Bravo, Kayleen Dahlke, Kaitlin Foster, Miranda Green, Damon Howley, Mason Lampros, Ashley Little, Kiely Moore, Noah Mort, Cody Palgen, Marisa Pullins, Shane Sherburn, Robert Sinnett, Kayla Smith, Karon Smith-Mwewe, Abigail Vandermolen, Courtenay Varvel, Kayla Walter, Gracie Whitaker

WMU 2017 Spring Dean’s List

 Western Michigan University has released their Dean’s List for the 2017 Spring semester. To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average (on a scale of 4.0 being all A’s) in at least 12 hours of graded class work.

The following students are on the list for: