07-18-19 Teed Heating & Cooling – Passionate about customer service for 23 years

Teed Heating & Cooling – Passionate about customer service for 23 years

By Teresa Smithers Mike Teed is passionate about his work. He loves working with heating and a/c and the challenges they give him. He is happy to be out in the field every day, solving customers’ problems, designing more efficient systems, and training his employees in excellent customer service. Mike began Teed Heating & Cooling twenty-three years ago. His son, Corey, joined Dad in the business right after graduating from high school. Teed Heating & Cooling quickly became known as the company that would take on the jobs no one else wanted. He was always the one who answered emergency weekend calls when no one else was available.

HANDING OVER THE REINS… Mike Teed (left) and Corey Teed announce a new chapter in Teed Heating & Cooling as Corey steps up to move Teed Heating & Cooling into the future, allowing Mike Teed a chance to wind down and take a little time off. (TCR photo by Teresa Smithers)

“I was just starting out,” Teed remembers, “and we needed the business, so I didn’t turn anything down. While others didn’t want weekend calls, I was there.” He still is. Although now, if the call could easily have been made earlier in the week, he waits until Monday. Weekend work is for emergencies only. Sherman’s Ice Cream in South Haven was one of those companies who, when their freezers had issues, they couldn’t wait until Monday. The ice cream demanded cold freezers. Due to Teed always being available and his quality work, one day Bob Sherman just handed the keys over to him and said, “Take care of ‘em.” And he has. As the money came in, Teed learned a bitter life lesson when an office employee embezzled over $100,000 from him and left him owing both debtors and the IRS. “My one word of advice to anyone starting out,” he said, “is to take a business management course. Never depend on someone else to know where your money is going.” With lesson learned, though, Teed continued on and never looked back. Teed considers customer service as the cornerstone of his business, and he trains his employees the same way. In fact, training employees is one of his greatest joys. Those not interested in learning valuable information and those reluctant to climb a ladder are advised to work elsewhere. Those who are willing to work and learn are encouraged and taught. As a result, he’s got a small staff of three who know how to get the job done, and done right. Teed is adamant in stating that he is not the only one in the business; his employees are not only a vital part of the work, they are a part of the business. “We may be a ‘family-owned’ business,” he explains, “but our workers are a part of our family.”

Teed Heating works on a lot of things that other people won’t touch. Their specialties, though, are refrigeration, fuel oil, ice machines and air make up. Teed does not hire installers; they install equipment themselves. “If you want something done right…” you know. Most importantly, Teed Heating & Cooling is licensed and insured. “Most people do not even ask if we’re licensed and insured,” he laments, “but they should. Homeowners Insurance will not pay for failures to systems that were put in by someone who wasn’t licensed and insured.” There are a lot of heating businesses starting up right now, but Teed warns people to ask to see the license. “You may save money up front by paying a friend to do the work,” he warns, “but it could cost you dearly in the long run. If something goes dramatically wrong, the homeowner – not the uninsured worker and certainly not the insurance company – will be financially responsible for all damages.” Corey Teed is now gearing up to take Teed Heating & Cooling to the next generation, allowing Mike Teed a chance to wind down and take a little time off. Fun Facts: Mike Teed is an ordained minister. Corey is a firefighter for Lincoln Township. Service to their community runs in their blood.